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Embry Riddle University Diversity and Adapting to Change Case study


In order to have a diverse organization, a culture of respect must be established. If harassment occurs, this impedes the organization’s ability to truly exhibit respect to all of its employees. This week you will learn about how a newly formed company created a culture of sexual harassment in the process. This week’s case study will focus on Uber and harassment issues within their organization that dramatically impacted their employees and reputation.    


Read the critical thinking case “Uber Pays the Price” in Chapter Five of the Organization Behavior (OpenStax) (Links to an external site.) textbook which is part of this week’s required reading.


Once you have read through the case study, use the following guidelines to write your paper:

  • Introduce the topic and summarize the paper.

The main body of the paper

  • Explain the impact harassment had at Uber and other issues that can impact an organization due to harassment.
  • Provide a form of federal legislation this harassment case would fall under and the protection it provides for employees being harassed (Use an outside source properly cited and referenced to validate your selection). 
  • List three separate methods that could have been put in place to prevent an issue like this from happening at Uber (Use at least one outside source correctly cited and referenced to support your answer).
  • Provide an example of another workplace harassment issue in a business organization that has occurred within the last 12 months.