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SU The Methodology for The Testing Wireless LAN Assessment Discussion


One of your continuing clients has engaged you to conduct a wireless assessment and penetration test of their infrastructure. Your client has asked you to brief them on the methodology you will use and the tools you would select to complete this engagement.

Briefly, lay out your proposed methodology with a brief explanation of each step and any tools you would use to support a given step.

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Penetration test methodology includes in-depth testing for a variety of well-known as well as more obscure vulnerabilities.

Step 1: Planning and Preparation: Both parties exchange initial information, plan, and prepare for the IT Security Assessment. Identification of contact individuals from both sides. Opening meeting to confirm the scope, approach and methodology. Agreement to specific test cases and privilege escalation paths.

Step 2: Perform A Scan / Assessment: Is a layered approach that includes an actual penetration test.

Develop A Test Plan, Build The Toolkit, Conduct The Assessment Analysis

Step 3: Exploitation and Data Exfiltration: This task will only be performed at the request of the customer and only after having obtained formal authorization. The engineer will review the strength of any authentication systems present on network hosts and on remote terminal sessions by attempting to use easily guessable passwords based on common English dictionary.

Step 4: Reporting, Cleanup, and Destruction of Artifacts: At this point, the specifics should be discussed and countermeasures to safeguard against this issue will be provided.