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SU W7 Social Media Initiatives and Information Technology Discussion



  • Share the link to the resource on social media initiatives and information technology that was most useful to you.
    • Be sure to explain what was most useful to you in this resource.
  • Describe the importance of effective change leadership in relation to an organization’s adoption of social media initiatives.
  • Identify two ethical issues you may encounter when implementing social media initiatives for your course project.
  • Propose a strategy for addressing each ethical issue you identified.
    • Be sure to explain how and why the strategies you propose will address the ethical issues you identified.

In your response to your classmate, consider questions, such as the following:

  • What additional ethical issues do you think your classmate may encounter when implementing social media initiatives for his/her course project?
  • What do you find particularly effective about the strategies your classmate has proposed to address these ethical issue
  • What potential challenges do you anticipate your classmate may encounter when implementing these strategies

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Week 7 Discussion

Social Media Initiatives and Information Technology

Link: Hugo.Lam, Andy Yeung, Edwin Cheng. (2016). The impact of firms’ social media initiatives on operational efficiency and innovativeness. Retrieved from: 

    – I actually struggled to find a resource that I felt covered both social media initiatives in relation to Information Technology. This one was intriguing because it covered it from an operations management side which seemed the most relevant. Many articles explained why it was good for a certain aspect of business. This link was the must encompassing which is why I found it the most helpful. 

Effective Change Leadership

    This article did a very good job explaining how and why a company would want to incorporate social media initiatives into their business and project plan models. It would be important to have a leadership team that is willing to apply the effective change mentality because those leadership types are the ones that are open to innovation. Leadership that is stuck with the applications of the past may find that they fall behind the curve it they stall in implementing something like this. My article specifically mentions how the social media initiatives have helped “facilitate infomraiton flow and knowledge sharing within and across organizations”. That communication leads to a large array of other benefits for customer and partner interaction. Even the abstract to this article was insightful. 

Ethical Issues

  1. When taking to a public forum it is important for companies to take caution. Through HIPAA laws there might be certain times of restrictions on what can and cannot be used as initiatives.
  2. Another issue that could have ethical issues in todays world is taking sides. There are always battles being fought between various belief systems. With social media and the “forever” internet, there can be serious damage if a company takes a specific stance on any one topic. 

Addressing These Issues

  1. Being educated on the requirements associated with HIPAA and maybe even the FCC will help any company stay compliant.
  2. Even though it can be very difficult any action taken towards a specific stance on an issue should be well thought out. Remaining neutral might also be a consideration. For example if the issue of controversy does not directly impact your business.  


Brayon delk,

Hello all,

           I found the below link to be quite informative, despite its’ short length.  Straight off the bat, it points out one of the key aspects of my project, that social media platforms are key in the evolution of business marketing.  This does, however, bring a new skill set that should be considered when making the move into social media marketing.  This skill set involves utilizing marketing skills to reach the intended customer base and create synergy within the various platforms around the products and/or services being offered.  But wait, there is more, this skill must also be backed up with strong IT skills as well.  IT members are increasingly being looked at to ensure communication paths are open to allow for multiple social media outlets as well as allowing for the translation of full web site content to mobile formats. 

           Another facet the social media formats bring to the table is the amount of data that can be collected and analyzed for marketing purposes.  From the marketing perspective, this is huge.  Social media can be used very effectively to conduct targeted campaigns on each platform, based on the analyzed data.  The issue is being able to gather, parse and effectively analyze the data from all the various social media outlets.  This is where IT must be able to provide tools capable of synthesizing all those data streams into a cohesive environment that marketing can make use of.

           For the purposes of my project, the inclusion of active social media marketing will be a change.  This is where leadership must take an active role in change management and truly become change agents for the company.  To effectively sell this change to the company as a whole, leadership should focus on the projected revenue generation expected as a result of the change and actively advocate for the change.  An apathetic attitude from leadership will indicate to employees that the change is not important which will stall adoption and impede the entire change process. 

           There are some ethical issues that must be considered when making the move into the social media market.  The first is the protection of customer data, as well as proprietary information.  The company must establish strong privacy policies and procedures to ensure the protection of customer data.  On the IT side, all stored data must follow encryption standards to mitigate the possibility of data compromise in the event a data breach does occur.  Another issue to keep in mind is ensuring the information shared with the public on the various social media sites is both accurate and verifiable before being posted.  Having inaccurate data associated with the company or its products could quickly bring a negative light on the company.  Especially when you consider how quickly information travels on social media sites.  This can best be mitigated through employee training and ensuring each product description is thoroughly vetted following a specific process prior to public release.

Additional references

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