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MIS 5030 South University Emerging Technologies Discussion


Select and research a topic pertaining to an emerging technology. Possible ideas include but are not limited to the following: 3D printing, artificial intelligence and cognitive systems, augmented reality, business intelligence, cloud computing, energy harvesting and future fuels, the Internet of things, medical nanotechnology, molecular manufacturing, next-generation converged networks, robotics, synthetic biology, telemedicine, and wireless and mobile technologies.

Submit your topic selection to your instructor. On receiving approval, begin to research your topic.


To research your topic, look for scholarly sources from the South University Online Library and from the Internet. Evaluate the resources you find and compile the useful ones into a bibliography.

For each selected resource, the bibliography entry should have the following:

  • The complete citation in APA format
  • A description of the information in the source, the reliability of the source, and how the information may be useful in your project

Topic Introduction

Utilizing the concepts introduced in this week’s readings, address the following questions pertaining to your technology topic of choice:

  • How does your selected technology qualify as an emerging technology? Discuss the possible pitfalls of adopting this emerging technology for an organization. Support your answer with examples.
  • Evaluate the decision to go ahead with this emerging technology under uncertainty. Your evaluation should present scenarios of the technology succeeding or failing and whether the decision posture is aggressive (commitment to create options) or passive (wait and see).
  • Detail a process for technology assessment with four interrelated steps: scoping, searching, evaluating, and committing. Show how an organization can apply this process to its decisions regarding your selected technology.
  • Explain the different types of risks that must be considered in the evaluation of your selected technology. These typically include market risks, technology risks, and organizational risks. For each type of risk, identify and qualify (whether they are relatively high or low) some risks associated with this technological opportunity for an organization. Discuss which types of risks are relatively more dominant and will require more attention, and which ones are relatively more manageable. Specify the underlying assumptions for your assertions.
  • Describe how an organization can achieve foresight regarding the markets and technologies and insight into its capabilities to plan technology deployment. Describe any specific strategies an organization can develop for risk reduction and learning.