Economics Homework Help

DAV Public School Changes in Demand and Supply Presentation


1. Find an online news/current affairs article (no economic papers/journals/texts) where there has been?

1?A change in demand and or supply in one product market (good or service) or factor market (resource/input). 

2?The article must be no older than 12 months and can have been published in any country or countries. 

3? The URL (web) address of your article is needed.

4? A summary (100 word maximum) of the key points in the article in a Word doc or PDF

2. Make a PowerPoint to explain the following using economic concepts, diagrams.

1?How and why demand&supply have been affected in this market.

2?Explain all possible effects including changes equilibrium price, quantity and parties affected.

3?Other considerations should be included in your PowerPoint such as type of good, elasticity, externalities, allocation of resources and distribution of income.

3. Write a speech based on the PowerPoint.