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NSG 480 Prince Georges Community College Nursing Capstone Medications Report


Understand & explain first line treatment for the disease.

Understand & explain second line treatment and why you would use second line treatment.

Explain the patient’s medication: minimum of 3-5 medications.

Explain the class of medication.

Explain alternative therapies.

Explain any Black Box warnings, contraindications, and nursing considerations for the medications.

Identify 3-5 common side effects.

Identify any medication interactions

State the common indication for the prescribed medication.

Explain 2 challenges that might prevent them from taking medication as prescribed.

Cite sourcesProvide 3 nursing diagnosis for the patients (primary physical, psychosocial and education) pertinent to this client’s medical diagnosis.

List health assessment priorities for the nursing diagnosis.

State 5 or more appropriate interventions with evidence-based practiced rationale for each action stated for each of the 3 primary nursing diagnosis (cite sources).

Explain relevant lab work that is required with this medical diagnosis.