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KCCML The Differences and Similarities Between a Goal & an Objective Essay


This week we are going to begin exploring practical application of the theory. To do this, first consider a subject you know something about. This might be a subject area you have taught in a traditional classroom, a lesson you have taught in a religious or community setting, a skill area (how to play guitar, how to make chili) or any subject which you might teach in an organized way.

Name the subject area you have selected (For example: “I am going to teach a class on how to cook chili.”).

Then, in your response, please include the following:

A. List three of the five learned capabilities (intellectual skills, cognitive strategies, verbal information, attitudes, motor skills).

B. For each of the three, list two examples of performance you might reasonably expect from your students.

Your response should be your own work and original to this class.

2 ref .One needs to be the course book.