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Baton Rouge College Difference Between an Indentured Servant and A Slave Questions


  1. Summarize what is the purpose of this book Rethinking the Color Line? Include what is meant by “Race and Ethnicity are Social Constructions?”
  2. Explain how our skins got their color. Additionally, explain “Cultural selection?”
  3. Using an outside source, provide a brief biography on J. Saunders Redding. Include his association with Southern University, (List your source). How does Redding describe the arrival of the first slave ship in North America. Give details about the location and cargo of this slave ship.
  4. Explain the difference between an Indentured servant and a slave.
  5. Explain how slavery existed in African states. Include how African slavery was different from American slavery.
  6. Describe slavery and the plantation system. Include why Blacks were easier to enslave than whites or Indians?
  7. Who is Susie Guillory Phipps? What is meant by “one-thirty second of negro blood?”