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Rassmusen College Criminal Justice Defending a Compstat Discussion


Defending Compstat Script

Module 01 Content

  1. Crime prevention methods of the past were reactive. This means that police simply responded to criminal incidents leaving citizens to wonder how future criminality would be prevented. In order to reduce the social anxiety caused by past crime prevention that did not offer methods for citizens to protect themselves, new strategies needed to be designed.
    Current methods require police to be proactive. In other words, they are identifying potential pockets of crime so that prevention methods can be implemented. It also means sharing that information with residents so they can take measures to avoid becoming a victim.
    As the police chief in your town, you want to introduce the new resource – Compstat – to your community. Write a  2 page description that could be used as a script for an informational video, about Compstat.
    NOTE – Be sure that the descriptions are written in simple language and are easy to read out loud.
    In the script carefully include the following:

    • Define the core principles of Compstat.
    • For each principle you defined, explain one strategy that you consider most beneficial to crime prevention.
    • Discuss a challenge to using Compstat.
    • Offer a resolution to the challenge of Compstat usage you identified.