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King Saud University Is There Any Reason to Believe in Life After Death Essay


Using the topics from the slides I attached.

Is there any reason to believe in life after death? Why or why not? If so, can we know anything about what it might be like?

  • write in first person: use “I” and “me”
  • Double space your entire paper. Do not use extra spaces between paragraphs
  • The
    main focus of the grading will be content, to which the following
    matter most: (a) did you answer every single part of the question?, (b)
    do you provide ARGUMENTS for your view!, (c) is your writing clear and
    precise, (d) have you defined key terms.
  • Finally,
    be sure that your paper is structured in the essay format: this means
    you MUST have a clear intro, body, and conclusion.