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ITS 833 University of the Cumberlands Translational Bioinformatics Discussion


Information Governance PROJECT ::: ( Choose any Good Project We need to work on this going forward .. )

Explain the information Governance Reference Model

Identify information Governance Best practices

Explain information Governance Standards

Compare national and international Standards

Explain how information Governance standards fit into your FrameWork

Describe how information Governance programs monitored, audited, and enforced ( training ).

Consider the laws and regulations pertaining to information Governance keeping and privacy.

:::::: Guidelines ::::
Your final project paper is broken down into 4 parts, worth a total of 125 points towards your final grade. This milestone is worth 25 points.

For this piece of that assignment, you will write the introduction to your final portfolio project (1-2 pages), comprehensively describing the industry you are choosing to use in the paper and preliminary challenges with information governance that you have identified. Be sure to utilize 2-3 sources from the UC Library.

Review the instructions in the Final Paper document first (attached here). Each milestone is a separate writing assignment, leading up to the Final Paper.

Expectations are that it will be a scholarly work, using largely peer-reviewed resources, formatted to APA 7 style. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are significantly weighted. Any instance of plagiarism will result in a 0 on the activity (first offense) or failing the course (2nd offense).