Chap 5,6,7 Disaster Recovery- Information Management Systems

Chapter 5: Emerging technologies and public policy: lessons from the internet

1) Describe internet governance and shift to private control (200 words)

2) Describe in a few words the future of broadband policy. (200words)

Chapter6: assessing future markets for new technologies 

1) What are some of the challenges of the emerging markets? (200 words)

2) How can we learn from lead users in technology development? (200 words)

Chapter 7: Technology Strategy in Lumpy Market Landscapes

1) Describe the lumpiness of segmented markets. (200 words)

2) Describe pushing technology barriers in lumpy markets (200 words) 

APA format, 1 reference per question and no plagiarism

Need Help With 7 Page Research Paper About State Requirements For Educational Facilities(Building Codes)

Need to do a 7 page paper about State requirements for educational facilities(FLORIDA) PAGES (NOT including cover sheet, table of contents, index, list of references, etc.) 



spaced, one (1”) inch borders all-around, in 12 point, “Ariel” font. Cite all references using APA (American Psychological Association) style. 

paper should be closely related to the Requirements of Florida Building Codes and some extent cover:

1. Florida building code requirements

2. compliance with code

3. possible violations

4. obstacles and solutions

5. examples . etc

More details ATTACHED