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Considering the importance of data in organization, it is absolutely  essential to secure the data present in the database. What are the  strategic and technical security measures for good database security? Be  sure to discuss at least one security model to properly develop  databases for organizational security. Create a diagram of a security  model for your research paper.

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Discussion: Leadership Roles for Improvement Initiatives in Health Services Organizations

Consider the following scenario:

Rene is a health care administrator who works for an HSO in a large urban area. Because she was previously a health care provider, Rene is sensitive to the need for health care delivery that also promotes patient safety. As part of the responsibilities in working within the HSO, the board of directors has asked Rene about the needs of the HSO for fostering improvement initiatives. To that end, Rene suggested initiatives aimed at increasing patient safety in light of a recent report citing poor patient safety across all departments in the HSO. The board agreed and has made Rene responsible for developing a new patient safety initiative. Rene quickly communicated with several department leads to determine potential courses of action to improve patient safety within the HSO. A meeting to hear from each respective department with contributions on how to implement a new patient initiative is slated for next week. Several department heads and the board of the HSO have been impressed with the commitment that Rene has demonstrated thus far.

How are improvement initiatives put into place within HSOs? How might leadership and the approaches used by leaders contribute to the implementation of improvement initiatives in practice? As a current or future health care administrator, you will likely encounter improvement initiatives aimed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery.

For this Discussion, reflect on the scenario presented and consider the role of leadership for improvement initiatives in HSOs. Then, think about improvement initiatives currently in place at your HSO or an HSO with which you are familiar.


Post a description of the improvement initiative(s) currently in place at your HSO or an HSO with which you are familiar. Explain how leadership is related to the particular improvement initiative selected. Then, explain the levels of the integrated system of the HSO, and suggest two approaches that leadership might use to work within these levels to execute the improvement initiative you selected. Be specific and provide examples.


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Unit II Journal


This unit’s readings included information on pricing. You are introduced to the shutdown price, using elasticity to determine the effects of price changes, and cost-based pricing. Discuss the importance of considering elasticity in pricing decisions and the danger of relying solely on costs.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.


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The Progressive era stands out as a time when reformers sought to address social ills brought about by a rapidly changing society. Debates surrounded issues such as political corruption, the regulation of business practices, racial equality, women’s suffrage and the living conditions of impoverished immigrants overcrowded into urban slums.

QUESTION:  When it came to the issue of suffrage, did all women agree?  Explain.

The 19th Amendment: women’s suffrage (article) | Khan Academy

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Read and critique the following:

Kile, J. F., Inampudi, M. R. (2007) Chapter X, Agile software development assurance: Agile project management, quality metrics, and methodologies. Page 186-205  (see attached)


This week’s discussion document presents a case in which a new project team was tasked to improve upon the work of their predecessor team. The previous quality management plan needed to be updated and the agile methodology was selected to replace the previous waterfall approach in the improvement effort.

After reading the paper, what individual agile techniques do you believe most contributed to the new project’s success in improving quality?


Review the journal article below and provide a summary of your understanding of the message of the study in one paragraph.

This short essay should be 50-100 words (not including references) and you must provide evidence for your position using 1 academic or professional sources.

  • Redman, T. (2018). Chapter 8: Can Your Data Be Trusted? In HBR Guide to Data Analytics Basics for Managers. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review Press. (see attached)

Nursing homework help

This paper will give you the opportunity to become familiar with and analyze local resources for crisis support. To complete this assignment, choose a crisis support service or organization available to the Metro-Detroit/ Detroit area and complete a 1-2-page paper addressing the following questions:

  • What is the basic information about the service? (i.e.: Organization’s name? Hours of operation? Purpose? History? Cost? Etc.)
  • What population would most benefit from this service and why?
  • As a nurse, when would you refer a patient to this resource?
  • In what ways is this resource appropriate and beneficial to an individual experiencing a crisis, trauma, or grief?

Your assignment should include 1-2 sources.  Use scholarly APA format including title and reference page. Use correct grammar with clear and organized writing (do not use first person).  You can review the rubric for this assignment below.

History homework help

Here is what you should read for this unit:  Chapter One, “An Invitation to the Study of World Religions”

Once you have read that, please answer the following questions:

1) Create a brief outline of the development of the study of world religions.

2) Describe the difference(s) between the academic study of world religions and theology.

3) What is the “definitional challenge” in the study of religion?

4) On page 12, the author proposes that the religions ask three “especially prominent” questions.  What are these three questions?  What do they (possibly) mean?

5) Why is violence sometimes associated with religious identity?  (To be fair, I would argue that the willingness to use violence is associated with almost any human ideology, not just religion, but this is a religion course, so we ask the question).

6) How are the perceptions of women’s participation in religious traditions changing with modernity (in general terms)?

Ecology homework help

Select a topic of interest (e.g. A specific disease or public health issue)
The PowerPoint needs to focus on the following:
-magnitude of the public health issue.
-the impact of social determinants
-the health behaviors on the health issue
-strategies to combat the issues (e.g. Programs,polices)
-the effectiveness of such strategies to combat the issue.