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Final Project DETAILS:


A Psychology Professor is interested in understanding factors that impact final exam grades for his 100-level freshman Psychology Statistics class.

For each of the (N=) one-hundred student in the class, the professor collects data for Math Placements results obtained during pre-semester orientation/registration – 38 students had low-level (Developmental) Math skills; 38 were proficient in basic 9th grade Arithmetic and Algebra only;  and 24 students had advanced Math skills at the Calculus level.  Math levels were recorded as 1 = Low Math Skills; 2 = Moderate Skills, and 3 = High math skills.  The professor also obtains data on the number of hours (1, 2, or 3) that each student studied for the exam.

Select and conduct an appropriate analysis to assess impact of math Placement (X1), Study Hours (X2) and possible interaction, on the DV Exam Grades (Y).  Be sure to test the assumptions for that analysis using EDA.

Develop a research hypothesis to test based on the literature. Summarize the results using correct APA style. Be sure to include the appropriate Tables and Graphs. You can use my sample summaries for as a guide for your summary.

ATTACHED is the 2 x 3 Factorial ANOVA SPSS

I found some helpful YouTube videos to help with adding narration to a power point presentation:

Statistics homework help

Informal Writing Assignment: Perceptions, Attitudes, Understanding and Feelings


Assignment details: This writing assignment requires you to give an honest assessment of your perceptions, attitudes, and feelings about statistics. Your paper should be formatted as introduction, paragraphs, and conclusion. The length of the paper must be at least 1 full page that address the following questions:


  1. Discuss your attitudes and feelings about taking statistics. Use one of the following frames to start writing your perceptions of statistics.
  2. Statistics is…
  3. Taking a statistics class make me feel…
  • In order to reduce my anxiety about taking statistics I will…


  1. What are your major (Communication: Mass Media) concerns about taking a course in statistics?


  1. Discuss your personal objective for this course and discuss in detail the steps you will take to achieve these objectives.


  1. What do know about Statistics form your K-12 Education?


  1. How does Statistics play a role to your major?


Grading: I will judge the essay on the following criteria:

  • Style, clarity, and mechanics of writing



Statistics homework help

Week 8 Discussion: Regression
Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
Textbook: Chapter 12 (All Sections)
Minimum of 1 scholarly source
OpenStax, Introductory Statistics. OpenStax CNX. Aug 23, 2019
Initial Post Instructions
Medical professionals can find relationships between variables. The more you drink alcohol, the less functionality of your liver. The less carbohydrates a person intakes, the lower their Body Mass Index.
Data can be collected and organized as an ordered pair (x, y). The data can be analyzed to determine the type and strength of a correlation and to calculate a regression line in order to make a prediction.
Use the internet to find a data set of ordered pairs. Key terms to search: Free Public Data Sets and Medical Data Sets.
Create a Post:
Introduce your Data Set and Cite the Source.
Which would be the independent variable, and which would be the dependent variable?
Without drawing a scatter plot, would you expect a positive, negative or no correlation? Explain.
Would you categorize your data to have a strong or weak correlation? Why?
What would the r2 value tell you about the data that you selected?
What is the equation of the regression line?
Use the regression line to make a prediction about the data you collected.
Follow-Up Post Instructions
Respond to at least two peers or one peer and the instructor. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.
Here are suggested responses.
Review the data of a peer. List the parts of the analysis that you agree with and why. Ask one clarifying question.
Compare the analysis of two pieces of data until you find two that have a similar report. What are the subjects of those reports and why do you think they would have the same analysis?
Writing Requirements
APA format for in-text citations and list of references
Initial Post Content: Addresses all aspects of the initial discussion question(s), applying experiences, knowledge, and understanding regarding all weekly concepts.
Evidence & Sources: Integrates evidence to support discussion from assigned readings** OR online lessons, AND at least one outside scholarly source.*** Sources are credited.*
Professional Communication: Presents information using clear and concise language in an organized manner (minimal errors in English grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation).
*Credited means stating where the information came from (specific article, text, or lesson). Examples: our text discusses…., The information from our lesson states…, Smith (2010) claimed that…, Mary Manners (personal communication, November 2017)…
**Assigned readings are those listed on the syllabus or assignments page as required reading. This may include text readings, required articles, or required websites.
***Scholarly source – per APA Guidelines, only scholarly sources should be used in assignments. These include peer-reviewed publications, government reports, or sources written by a professional or scholar in the field. Wikipedia, Wikis, .com websites or blogs should not be used as anyone can add information to these sites. For the discussions, reputable internet sources such as websites by government agencies (.gov) and respected organizations (.org) can be counted as scholarly sources. Outside sources do not include assigned required readings.

Statistics homework help

STAT200 – Final Exam
200 points – Due: Tuesday, December 15th.
Please provide a complete response to each item. Include a sketch, calculations,
rationale written using proper statistical language, and any conclusions drawn from the
context of the problem, as necessary.
1. Determine whether the discrete random variable is discrete or continuous. In
each case, state the possible values of the random variable.
a. The number of students in a randomly selected third-grade classroom.
b. The amount of snow that falls in Delaware during the winter season.
c. The flight time accrued by a randomly selected Air Force fighter pilot.
d. The number of points scored by the Duke Blue Devils during a randomly
selected basketball game.
2. The number of chocolate chips in an 18-ounce bag of Chips Ahoy! chocolate chips
is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 1262 chips and a standard
deviation of 118 chips according to a study by cadets in the U.S. Air Force
a. What is the probability that a randomly selected 18-ounce bag of Chips
Ahoy! contains between 1100 and 1300 chocolate chips, inclusive?
b. What proportion of 18-ounce bag of Chips Ahoy! contains fewer than 1125
c. What is the percentile rank of an 18-ounce bag of Chips Ahoy! that
contains 1350 chocolate chips?
STAT200: F2/20 – MDonovan 1
3. The General Social Survey asked: “How many emails do you send in a day?” The
results of 928 respondents indicate that the mean number of emails sent in a day
is 10.4 with a standard deviation of 28.5.
a. Given the fact that 1 standard deviation to the left of the mean results in a
negative number of emails being sent, what shape would you expect the
distribution of emails sent to have?
b. Construct and interpret a 90% confidence interval for the mean number of
emails sent per day.
4. Man-ly Muscles? Young men in North America and Europe (but not in Asia) tend
to think they need more muscle to be attractive. One study presented 200 young
American men with 100 images of men with various levels of muscle.
Researchers measured the level of muscle in kilograms per square meter (kg/m2)
of fat-free body mass. Typical young men have about 20 kg/m2
. Each subject
chose two images, one that represented his own level of body muscle, and one he
thought represented “what women prefer.” The mean gap between self-image
and “what women prefer” was 2.35 kg/m2
Suppose that the “muscle gap” in the population of all young men has a Normal
distribution with a standard deviation of 2.5 kg/m2
. Give a 90% confidence
interval for the mean amount of muscle young men think they should have to be
attractive to women.
Note: A second study was done surveying women, it showed women actually prefer a level close to that of a ”typical man”.
5. More Muscle? If young men thought that their own level of muscle was about
what women prefer, the mean “muscle gap”, discussed in a previous exercise,
would be 0. We suspect (before seeing the data) that young men think women
prefer more muscles than they themselves have.
a. State the null and alternative hypotheses for testing this suspicion.
b. What is the value of the test statistic z ?
c. State a complete conclusion.
STAT200: F2/20 – MDonovan 2
6. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16.8% of high
school students currently use electronic cigarettes. A high school counselor is
concerned that the use of e-cigs at his school is actually higher.
a. Determine the null and alternative hypotheses.
b. If the sample data indicate that the null hypothesis should not be rejected,
state the conclusion of the school counselor.
7. In December 2005, 38% of adults with children under the age of 18 reported that
their family ate dinner together seven nights a week. In a recent poll, 503 of 1232
adults with children under the age of 18 reported that their family ate dinner
together seven nights a week. Has the proportion of families with children under
the ages of 18 who eat dinner together seven nights a week increased? Test at the
0.05 significance level.
8. Researchers at Harris Interactive wondered if there was a difference between
males and females in regard to some common annoyances. They asked a random
sample of males and females, the following question:
“Are you annoyed by people who repeatedly check their mobile phones while
having an in-person conversation?”
● Among the 540 males surveyed, 178 responded “Yes”
● Among the 560 females surveyed, 206 responded “Yes”
a. Does the evidence suggest a higher proportion of females are annoyed by
this behavior? State the null and alternative hypotheses?
b. Determine and interpret the p-value.
c. At the 0.05 level of significance, what is the conclusion of the hypothesis
STAT200: F2/20 – MDonovan 3
9. A researcher for the U.S. Department of Treasury wishes to estimate the
percentage of Americans who support abolishing the penny. What size sample
should be obtained if she wishes the estimate to be within 2 percentage points
with 98% confidence level, if:
a. she uses a 2006 estimate of 28% obtained from a Coinstar National
Currency Poll?
b. she does not use any prior estimate?
10. The following data represent the number of days absent from class, x, and the
final grade, y, for a sample of college students grade in an introductory statistics
course at a large state university.
a. Find the least-squares regression line treating the number of absences as
the explanatory variable and final grade as the response variable.
b. Interpret the slope and y-intercept, as appropriate.
c. Predict the final grade for a student who misses five class periods and
compute the residual. Is the final grade above or below average for this
number of absences?

Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help
Attached are the questions that need to be done..
1 comparing two populations
Part 1 11/03/2020 Part 2 11/04/2020
Homework Due date 11/12/2020
Consider the data on crude oil production in California between 1981 and 2020. Compare X =
production in February and Y = production in September, for the years 1981 to 1995 following our
example below. Find 99% confidence intervals. First, assume that population variances are known and
that X and Y are independent. Second, determine if the data gives support for the idea that X and Y may
be independent. And lastly, assume the population variances are unknown and that X and Y are

Statistics homework help

STAT 200 Week 7 Homework Problems
Does education pay? The scatter diagram drawn in MiniTab shows the relation between the percentage of the population of a state plus Washington, DC, that has at least a bachelor’s degree and the median income (in dollars) of the state for 2013. Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Describe any relation that appears to exist between the level of education and median income.
One observation appears to stick out from the rest. Which one? This particular observation is for Washington, DC. Can you think of any reasons why DC, outlies the other states?
The correlation coefficient between the percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree and median income is 0.854. Does a linear relation exist between percent of the population with at least a bachelor’s degree and median income?
Education and Birthrate. The following scatter diagram drawn in Excel shows the relation between the percent of the population with at least a bachelors degree in a state and birthrate (births per 1000 women 15 to 44 years old).
Describe any relation that exists between median income and birthrate.
The correlation between percent of population with at least a bachelor’s degree and birth rate is -0.069. What does this imply about the relation between median income and birthrate?
In Problem 10.1.1, a scatter diagram and correlation coefficient suggested there is a linear relationship between the percentage of individuals who have at least a bachelor’s degree and median income in the states. In fact, the least-squares regression equation is where y is the median income and x is the percentage of individuals 25 years and older with at least a bachelor’s degree in the state.
Predict the median income of a state in which 25% of adults 25 years and older have at least a bachelor’s degree.
In North Dakota, 27.1 percent of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree. The median income in North Dakota is $37,193. Is this income higher than what you would expect? Why?
Interpret the slope.
Explain why it does not make sense to interpret the intercept.
Table #1 contains the value of the house and the amount of rental income in a year that the house brings in (“Capital and rental,” 2013). Create a scatter plot and find a regression equation between house value and rental income. Then use the regression equation to find the rental income a house worth $230,000 and for a house worth $400,000. Which rental income that you calculated do you think is closer to the true rental income? Why?
Table #1: Data of House Value versus Rental
An engineer wants to determine how the weight of a car, x, affects gas milage, y. The following data represents the weights of various domestic cars and their miles per gallon in the city for the 2018 model year.
Find the least-squares regression line treating weight as the explanatory variable and miles per gallon as the response variable.
Interpret the slope and y-intercept, if appropriate.
A Cadillac CTS weighs 3649 pounds and gets 20 miles per gallon. Is the miles per gallon of a CTS above average or below average for this weight?
Would it be reasonable to use the least-squares regression line to predict the miles per gallon of a Toyota Prius, a hybrid gas and electric car? Why or why not?

Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help
Using SPSS – You will do assumption testing, descriptive statistics, etc as indicated for the two “research questions” presented.
Compare race and military (chi-square)
Compare pre and post test (paired sample t test)
Using the data set, determine the measurement level of data of the dependent or outcome variable (Psychological Stress Score) you are analyzing.
Is the data categorical, ordinal, or interval or ratio?
Before performing any statistical tests, you must determine which tests would be most appropriate for your data type.
First, perform a pre-evaluation of the data for outliers (all variables) and normal distribution (only dependent variables).
Perform and interpret an appropriate series of statistical tests (including pre-analytical testing for outliers and normal distribution of data) that answer the following research question:
How would you quantitatively describe the study population? Summarize the primary demographic data using descriptive statistics.
Is there any association between gender and race in this military study?
Perform an appropriate chi-square analysis. Perform preliminary assessment of the data, then compare pretest to post-test scores.
In the total population being studied, what was the effect of the yoga intervention on stress?
Provide the SPSS “.sav” output file that shows your programming and results for this assignment.
Summarize the clinical implications related to the statistical outcomes for each of the questions above.
Describe potential limitations of the study

Statistics homework help

Research Problem:  Sprague, et al (2011) proposed that, in addition to the frustration-aggression model originally proposed by Dollard et al (1939), among low income male adolescents, feelings of hostility, Social Support,  and perceived stress may be also related to aggressive behavior.   To test this hypothesis, a random sample of fifty adolescent males attending Hillcrest High School in Queens (NY) were recruited to participate in the study.  To assess their levels of  frustration, stress, hostility, and Social Support each student completed the Frustration Discomfort Scale (X1; Frust; Harrington, 2005) the Perceived Stress Scale (X2; PSS: Cohen, Kamarck, Mermelstein, 1983), the Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory (X3; BDHI; Buss & Durkee, 1957), and the Online Social Support Scale (X4; Nick, et al, 2018). In addition, for each student, the number of documented classroom aggressive behaviors (Y, Agress) occurring during the week following completion of the questionnaires, was provided by the high school’s Dean of Student’s Office.  The data for the study is in the attached SPSS data file labelled “Week 2  PSS_BDHI_Frust_SS_Agress_v2,.sav”.
Assignment Requirements:
1) Write a null and alternative hypothesis which is specific to this research question.
2) Using the attached SPS data file conduct a Multiple Regression Analyses (MRA) to determine if feelings of Frustration, Stress, and Hostility are significantly related to aggression, Summarize the results in correct APA style.  Use my sample summary as a model for your summary.
3) Conduct exploratory data analyses and a multiple regression analysis (MRA) in SPSS in which Aggression is the DV and  Frust., PSS and DBHI are the IVs.
4) Be sure to state the goals of the study, the sample and method.  Describe the variables, and the statistical model employed to test the research hypothesis that Frustration, Stress, and Hostility are significant predictors of aggression.
5) Determine of the data meets the assumptions for MRA
6) Report and interpret R2, R2adj, and 1-R2. Report and interpret the results for the F-test for the significance of R2.  Report F, dfs, and the p-value for the significance of F in correct APA style
7) Based on the F test (above), do you conclude that Frust. PSS and BDHI account for a significant proportion of the variability in Aggression?  Explain your answer
8) Report and interpret the results for the significance test for each unstandardized regression coefficient in correct APA style. And, report/interpret  the semipartial correlation sry(1.2) and sry(1.2)2  for all predictor variables
9) Based on your analysis is the direct relationship between Frustration, PSS, BDHI  and Aggression  significant after controlling for the other variables in the model.  Be sure to explain the impact of each predictor variable on aggression, include the nature of the relationships (positive or negative)P and the strength of the effect size sr2.

Statistics homework help

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