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Imagine your school district has requested that all schools recognize and support Autism Awareness Day this year. Your learning team is the group of volunteer teachers planning the day at your school and feels that addressing peer sensitivity is an important message to include.

Create an 2 slide peer sensitivity presentation that each grade level team will share with their students.

Include the following topics and provide suggestions or strategies for success:

  • Importance of inclusion
  • Sensory needs

Cite your sources.

Use two or more academic sources

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 In this assignment, you will assess a current semi-direct or indirect nursing situation that is in need of change. Observe a healthcare environment, focusing on areas of the nursing process that are inefficient, unsafe, or problematic in nature. Diagnose the problem and choose a nursing change theory that suits the change(s) you want to make. Propose a detailed plan based on your chosen change theory, explaining how to implement change. Develop criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and include a timeline for your change proposal. Finally, reflect on how your change affects the nursing profession.

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The key focus of the article was how technology-based leadership has driven the digital age.  Also, that the role of technology leadership incorporates with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).

This paper, address the following key concepts:

  1. Define TAM and the components.
  2. Note how TAM is impacting educational settings.
  3. Give an overview of the case study presented and the findings.

The paper should meet the following requirements:

  • 3-5 pages in length (not including title page or references)
  • APA guidelines must be followed.  The paper must include a cover page, an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.
  • A minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Your assignment: write 4 pages rubric

Your name is   Milton. You worked late at your office. It was 10 p.m., when you left your   office building.

As you entered   your poorly lit parking garage, your attention was captured by the sight of   three high school-aged boys kicking and beating a shabbily dressed elderly   man. He cried out for help, but the boys continued to pummel him with fists   and kicks.

As the boys   caught sight of you entering the garage, they abandoned the man and ran off   to the lower floors of the garage by the exit stairs.

You cautiously   approached the man. You saw that he was bleeding profusely. Fearing that the   boys would return to the scene, and extract the same abuse on you, you ran to   your parked car and screeched your tires as you shot through the exit gate. You   did not notice that the heel of your custom-made (by the only shoemaker in   the city) right shoe had trod on the blood pool of this unfortunate victim.

Upon your panicked   departure, another person, a woman, walked toward her parked car. She saw   your car whiz past her. She took note of the model of your car but not your   license plate number. Her eyes immediately lit on the mound of dirty clothing,   which was the victim, and the rapidly expanding pool of blood around his head.   She assumed that since you had parted he scene so hurriedly, that you   had beaten this man.

Fearing that   since she had not noted the departing car’s license plate number, she soon might   become “a person of interest” if she called the police. She ran to her car   and sped off. She did not notice the missing metallic button missing from her   designer suit. The button, with the designer’s logo on it, lay next to the   victim’s filthy coat.

Your name is Sam or Samantha Watkins. You are a reporter   for “The Big City Gazette.” It is the next morning and you have been called   to this parking garage to report on this brutal murder.

You think to   yourself. This is America! Citizens stop to help even strangers. This poor   man was beaten to death by one of the witnesses to this scene, or by a group   of thugs. Why didn’t any of these people call the police?

You intend to   write a newspaper story explaining to your readers, two possible reasons for   the witnesses and thugs to enact the “bystander” effect.

Your article   will also explain at least two possible courses of actions the witnesses   could have possibly taken to shake off their initial “bystander” roles,   play a more proactive role, and summoned help for the victim.

Your article   will be called “You’re an American! Never Be a Bystander.”

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During this unit, you will complete all written sections of your project. This is a comprehensive project, and you will need to use information from several chapters of the textbook in order to complete it.
The completed project plan should contain the sections listed below.
  1. Title page
  2. Project Overview
  3. Project Mission Statement and Scope Statement
  4. Project Schedule and Control
  5. Project Management Structure and Budget
  6. Work Breakdown Structure
  7. Risk Management Process
  8. Project Communication
  9. Project Closure
  10. References page
As you are compiling the project plan, address the components listed below.
  • Within the parameters of the project schedule, discuss the resource allocations and monitoring processes.
  • Within the parameters of the project schedule, identify project evaluation and control processes.
  • Within the Project Management Structure and Budget section, explain the management structure, and compile an estimated budget.
Your final project plan should be a minimum of eight pages in length and follow APA style. References should include a minimum of three credible sources in addition to the textbook (for a minimum of four sources). All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA style. Use the provided headings.

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You should imagine this final paper as your evidence-based definition of hip hop after having done the readings (and watched the films) for this class. Has it changed? How so? What specific readings influenced your revised definition? You may use parts of your first definition, but this is not a revision of that particular paper. This is a revision of your ideas about the definition of hip hop. Please email me and let me know if you’re confused about this. I’m not looking for a conversion narrative here (“I once hated hip hop, but now I see the light!”) Please try to avoid this. In fact, please try to to limit your use of “I” as much as possible and instead position yourself in company with the experts we’ve read this quarter, supporting your final definition with evidence.

I noticed that a lot of people started their first paper with some version of the sentence: “Hip hop is difficult to define. It means different things to different people.” Please try to avoid this. I’m looking for a perspective, a way into a longer conversation about hip hop that’s been informed by our particular set of readings.

We’ve read a lot of material this quarter about the relationship between history, structural inequality and cultural politics. We’ve also watched several documentaries about how people have challenged institutionalized oppression and fought for a more democratic society. You may want to explore how these previous movements inform (or might inform) hip hop in its present form. In other words, it’s fine to “stretch” your papers beyond just reciting and defining the four (or five) elements of hip hop and instead find a way into the conversation from a particular topic or viewpoint (like the fifth element in general, hip hop as a language, hip hop as visual art or hip hop feminism). Or you might want to organize your essay around a particular artist or song (like Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” and the Black Lives Matter movement). These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. It’s totally up to you how you want to organize your paper (I’m open to creativity), but it’s important that you have a claim and that you support it with evidence from our class materials.

  • Your paper should be 4 pages in length and incorporate quotations from a range of our readings and films.
  • You do not have to have a certain amount of quotes, but it’s a good idea to shoot for 2-3 per page (minimum).
  • I would encourage you to look over my comments on your first definition, but to also approach this final write-up from your current perspective.
  • If you have any questions or would like feedback as you’re working through your paper, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will upload all the work before.

Computer Science homework help

COSC-2425 Programming Project Four

One of the very practical uses of assembly language programming is its ability to optimize the speed and size of computer programs. While programmers do not typically write large-scale applications in assembly language, it is not uncommon to solve a performance bottle neck by replacing code written in a high level language with an assembly language procedure.

In this programming project you will be given a C++ program that generates an array of pseudorandom integers and sorts the array using the selection sort algorithm.

Your job is to write an assembly language procedure that also sorts the array of pseudorandom integers using the selection sort algorithm. The C++ program will time multiple repetitions of the sort performed by both the C++ code and your assembly language procedure. The C++ program will compare the result. If all goes as expected, your assembly language procedure should be faster than the C++ code.

Chapter 13 of your textbook contains a discussion of how to interface an assembly language procedure with a high-level programming language like C++.

The Visual Studio solution for the C++ program that you are given has been packaged and compressed into a file called “”. Create a location on your computer for this project. Download the compressed file, “”, and unpack it into that location in your computer.

Look in the unpacked folder for a file named “ProjectFour.sln”. The “.sln” file extension stands for solution. Double clicking on this file will start up the Visual Studio solution for ProjectFour and allow you to execute the C++ program.

Modify ProjectFour by following these steps:

  1. Click on the project name, “ProjectFour” in the Solution Explorer pane.
  2. Click on the “Project” choice in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Select “Build Customizations”.
  4. In the Visual C++ Build Customization Files dialog box, check the checkbox next to masm(.targets,.props). Choose OK to save your selection and close the dialog box.
  5. On the menu bar, choose “Project”, then choose “Add Existing Item”.
  6. In the Add New Item dialog box, select the file named “asm”. Choose Add to add the file to your project and close the dialog box.

Use Ctrl+F5 or click on “Debug” in the Menu Bar followed by “Start Without Debugging” to execute the program. The MASM assembler will assemble AsmSelectionSort.asm into an object file that is then linked into your project.

A “stub” assembly language procedure has been provided so that you can execute the C++ program to get a feel for how it works. Your job is to improve on the efficiency of the C++ compiled code by writing an assembly language procedure that is faster. Click on the file named “AsmSelectionSort.asm” in the Solution Explorer pane. This file is your starting point for creating an assembly language version of the selection sort routine.

As always, start small. DO NOT be the Cookie Monster and gobble up the whole project at once. Steps you might consider, but are not limited to are:

  • Have your assembly language procedure return the number of elements in the array. This will tell you if what is being passed as an argument is the value you expected.
  • Have your assembly language procedure return the value of the first element in the array. This will tell you if you understand how to address and retrieve the value of an element in the array.
  • Have your procedure return the value of the second (or fifth) element in the array. This will tell you if you understand how to address and retrieve the value of a particular element in the array.

This project will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Link an assembly language procedure to an existing C++ program.
  • Create an assembly language version of a C++ program.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work with a one-dimensional array.
  • Show that you can implement a while loop in assembly language.
  • Demonstrate your ability to implement nested loops in assembly language.
  • Display your understanding of what an assembly language procedure is and how they can be used.
  • Provides a chance for you to show that you understand how to compare values and take conditional action based on the results.
  • Observe how assembly language procedures can be used to optimize programs written in a high-level language like C++.

Anatomy homework help

Discussion Board 4: Making Friends

There are 2 parts to this discussion. Details on what is expected in both parts is found below the prompt.


Choose one part of the brain (medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain, thalamus, hypothalamus, epithalamus, cerebellum, or one of the cerebral lobes). Apply what you have learned in Hands On Lab: Brain to design a fake Facebook page (this should be a post in the style of a Facebook page, but not an actual Facebook page) for the region of the brain you have chosen. It should include:

  • Basic profile (name, relationship      status, birthday, hometown)
  • One school your brain part      would have attended and one place your brain part would have worked
  • Four other parts of the      brain that your part would be friends with (and why)
  • Two Facebook groups your      brain part would join
  • Two posts your part of the      brain would make

For your response posts, you should be adding ‘Friends’ to your profile. In your responses, discuss why you should be great friends that stay in touch (Ex: what do you have in common) and why they should accept your friend request.

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook, you are making a social media profile for your chosen part of the brain. You are introducing yourself (as the brain) and sharing what’s important and interesting to other parts of the brain. Remember, you need to include what’s listed above.

Part 1: Initial Post (Worth up to 50 points)

· Length: 250-500 words

· You will need to use at least 3 reputable scientific references to support your post (not including your textbook). Reputable sources= peer reviewed scientific journal articles, accredited websites, or books. Google, Wikipedia, etc. are not acceptable sources.

English homework help


06.06 Make Your Argument

Using the ideas you previously wrote in your Argument Organizer and introduction, you will write the body paragraphs of your argument.

Important note: You will submit your introduction and body for this assignment.

View the grading rubric as you complete your work. This is your guide to a super submission.

  1. You have previously written the introduction to your argument. Now you will write the body paragraphs to continue your argument.
  2. Be sure to use the information you previously wrote in your Argument Organizer.
  3. In three body paragraphs remember to include:
    • BODY PARAGRAPH 1: a strong reason for your claim and researched fact to support your claim
    • BODY PARAGRAPH 2: another strong reason for your claim and researched fact to support your claim
    • BODY PARAGRAPH 3: a counterclaim against your argument, a rebuttal, and a researched fact to support your rebuttal
    • Transitions
    • Direct quote in your article
    • Indirect quote in your article
    • Technical language
    • Signal phrases to indicate quotes or facts that are not your ideas
    • Write three or more complete sentences in each paragraph
  4. Write in formal style using the third-person point of view.
  5. Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  6. Add your introduction to the body.
  7. Save your work to your computer or drive.
  8. Submit your work in 06.06 Make Your Argument.

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CriteriaGrading ScaleCriteriaGrading ScaleIdentified with Heading

Assignment is identified with heading including name, date and assignment


Advanced:  Heading is complete and easy to read.


Proficient: Heading is missing one element


:Developing: Heading is missing several elements


Needs Improvement: No Heading


Responses follow grade level conventions. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation.


Advanced:  Responses use correct sentence construction, spelling and punctuation.


Proficient: Response is missing one element


:Response is missing several elements


Needs Improvement: Poor use of conventions.

Use of Evidence

Response includes evidence from text and explanation to support the answer.


Advanced:  Presents and explains well chosen and sufficient evidence that shows a clear understanding of topic and task.


Proficient: Presents and explains adequate evidence that shows an understanding of topic and task.


Developing: Presents relevant but insufficient evidence that shows only partial understanding of topic and task.


Needs Improvement: Presents irrelevant or no evidence.  Demonstrates little understanding of topic or task..

Use of Language

Response uses grade level vocabulary


Advanced:  Shows sophisticated command of precise language, varied transitions and formal style and tone


Proficient: Shows sophisticated command of precise language, varied transitions and formal style and tone


Developing: Shows inconsistent vocabulary and basic or repetitive transitions.


Needs Improvement: Shows little to no grade level vocabulary or sentence variety. No transitions and informal tone.M