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You will write a report concerning Setting the Table by Danny Meyer. It will cover chapters 1 – 13. It will be submitted through canvas. It is to be a minimum of 1250 words, 12-point font double spaced with proper citations.

  1. Discuss your major takeaways from the book. How will you apply the theories and practices outlined in the book?
  2. Identify at least five (5) major topics that you feel are the most important to you.
  3. Identify or create two potential scenarios as a Restaurant Leader when you would be able to use the information in the book.

Author directly addresses the main question or issue, and adds new insight to the subject not provided in lectures, readings, or class discussions. The author has retained nearly all of the knowledge presented in class. He/She is able to synthesize this knowledge in new ways and relate to material not covered in the course.
Essay contains a minimum of 1250 words
Evidence is used from a wide range of sources, including lectures and course readings. When required, the author also consults scholarly books, websites, journal articles, etc. not explicitly discussed in class.
All evidence is properly cited in footnotes or endnotes.
Essay contains an intro, main body, and conclusion. Introduction lays out main argument and gives an outline of what the reader can expect in the essay. The conclusion brings everything together, acknowledges potential shortcomings of the paper, and gives the reader a sense of what further work might be done to advance the subject matter described in the paper.
All sentences are grammatically correct and clearly written. No words are misused or unnecessarily fancy. Technical terms, words from other languages, and words from other historical periods are always explained. All information is accurate and up-to-date. Paper has been spell-checked AND proofread (ideally by you and somebody else), and contains no errors.

Social Science homework help


Final Project

For this assignment, use data from W1 Project.
This week, you will explore the hypothesis that recall will vary as a function of stress levels.
Using Microsoft Excel and following instructions in your lectures, conduct an ANOVA comparing participants’ Recall1 across all three stress-level conditions (low, medium, and high).
Conduct post hoc tests if needed, using the Tukey method as demonstrated in the lectures, and the appropriate table in the textbook for the Studentized Range Statistic, to find the statistic needed to compute a critical value.
Move your output into a 1- 2-page Microsoft Word document and write a short, APA-formatted interpretation of the results modeled on the example given in lecture.

Submission Details:

  • Name your document SU_PSY2008_W8_Project_Council_A
  • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

Statistics homework help

Spring 2021
ECO 578 Journal Article
Sample Data for Supermarket Profits
Food Sales (tens
of thousands of
Nonfood Sales
(tens of thousands
of dollars)
Store Size
(thousands of
square feet)
Profit (thousands
of dollars)
1 305 35 35 20
2 129 98 20 15
3 189 83 27 17
4 175 76 16 9
5 101 93 28 16
6 269 77 46 27
7 425 44 58 35
8 195 47 12 7
9 282 31 40 22
10 203 92 32 23
You have to indicate the purpose of the study and discuss (not listing) data characteristics
before answering questions and interpreting the results of the regression analysis.
1. Run a multiple regression using the above data. (with profit as the dependent variable).
2. Compare the result of question (1) with another regression equation obtained without the food
sales variable.
3. Which of the models do you prefer? Why?
4. Interpret your results for (1) and (2).
5. In writing your paper, you should start by indicating the purpose of the study. Also, discuss the
methodology and conclusions.
Spring 2021
** You can use EXCEL or any other software. ** You need to include your printout in your
The layout and format of the paper should include the following sections:
Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion.
a) Abstract is a very concise summary of the paper.
b) The Introduction tells the reader about the topic. Specifically, it should start with the
purpose of this paper is to examine…. What the issue is, what is known about it, and the specific
focus? Put a business context to it — write the value added by your work or what businesses can
gain from the knowledge of the determinants of market profits.
c) Empirical Results you should start with a brief discussion of the descriptive statistics for
each variable.
d) Method you should be able to explain what method you are using for your work. For
example, you can start with telling the reader that the ordinary least squares method (OLS) was
used to obtain estimated coefficients… (Then write more). You should be able to write the equation
from the Excel result. We expect to see you… 1. Using the excel result to generate the equation.
2. Find the standard error of each variable.
3. Find the t-stat of each variable.
4. Find the p-value of each variable.
Spring 2021
Ŷ = 1.24 + 1.71×1 – 0.83×2 – 2.12×3
𝐒𝐛𝟏 (6.79) (1.43) (0.22) (0.85)
T-stat [0.18] [1.20] [3.78] [2.48]
P-value 0.857 0.247 0.002 0.025
e) The results section should tell what was found from the computed data. Using Chapter 10
and 11 for helping you interpret your result. For instance, you should interpret the Coefficient of
Determination (R!
), F-test, t-test, p-value and etc. In addition, your result should use the hypothesis
Remember that in the results section there should include hypothesis testing for a t-test about
each slope coefficient and a F-test for the overall regression model.
For the t-test, it is written like this:
H$: β# ≠ 0
You have to decide whether to use one-tail or two-tail test
You need to follow chapter 9 materials and declare your alternative hypothesis in each
case very well
H$: , or all three are ≠ 0
(Note that: remember to mention what α is used in your hypothesis testing).
Spring 2021
f) The Discussion describes what your findings mean in the light of the information presented
in the introduction. It is the interpretive segment of the paper and loops back to answer the issues
raised in the introduction. Remember to answer questions 2 and 3.

Computer Science homework help


Write a paper on Cloud computing
-Paper should be written in APA format
– Include references
– Abstract
– Paper should include what cloud is and differences between cloud and traditional applications
– Advantages and dis advantages of cloud.

Management homework help

Unit 4: Discussion  introduction to fiction
Participation in the discussion thread is worth 20 points per unit. The assignment consists of two things—posting your first response to the prompts, and participating in the conversation by responding to at least two of your peers’ postings.
NOTE: Do not simply copy and paste from your reading journal into the discussion. You can use some of the ideas from your journal to frame your discussion post/responses, but the discussion posts must be substantially different from the reading journal.
Discussion Prompt Initial Response
The full ten points will be given to a discussion response posting that

  • Responds to every aspect of the discussion prompt with originality (do not just repeat what other students say – what is different that you can add to the conversation?)
  • Displays a familiarity with the texts and topics being discussed, using specific details or examples from the text(s)
  • Exceeds 250 words

At the discretion of the instructor, points will be taken off any response that does not fulfill all of these goals. Late points will be deducted according to the standard late submission policy.
Response to Peers
The full ten points will be given if you provide at least two response postings that

  • Interact with a classmate’s post with originality and thoroughness
  • Add something new to the conversation
  • Exceed 50 word each

At the discretion of the instructor, points will be taken off any response that does not fulfill all of these goals. Late points will be deducted according to the standard late submission policy.
You are very much encouraged to post more than twice to the postings of your peers; the two longest postings are just the ones that will be evaluated.
Unit 4 Discussion Prompt
Choose one of the following to answer:

  1. How does the second story you chose to read compare with Kafka’s Metamorphosis? They both fall into the genre of magical realism, but what similarities or differences do you see?
  2. If you were to reimagine one of the readings from Unit 1, 2, of 3 into a magical realism story, how would you go about changing or adding to the story? Would it drastically alter the meaning of the story? Why or why not?


English homework help

As we start wrapping up the semester, your DB prompts will encourage you to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Taking an online English 1020 course is an accomplishment in itself, let alone during a pandemic while you balance your personal, professional, and academic life. Let’s take a moment to consider what you are proud of achieving this year.
List and explain five accomplishments that you’ve achieved this academic year (fall and spring semesters).

Management homework help

Developing Gen Y Leaders
How important are excellent leaders to organizations? Well, the answer, in theory of course, would be very important. However, the answer as practiced by countless organizations might indicate otherwise. Only 38 percent of organizations have a formal frontline leadership development program in place. It’s important for organizations to commit to strong leadership development, and it’s particularly important for organizations to begin grooming their Gen Y employees to move into critical leadership positions. Why? Within 10 years (by 2025), these Millennials are set to comprise 75 percent of the global workforce. That’s why organizational leadership development programs are absolutely essential. Let’s look at what some companies are doing to prepare the next generation for leadership.
Excellent leaders have to be developed and cultivated.
3M’s leadership development program is so effective that it has been one of the “Top 20 Companies for Leadership” in six of the last seven years and ranks as one of the top 25 companies for grooming leadership talent according to consultant Hay Group. What is 3M’s leadership program all about? A few years ago, the company’s former CEO and his top team spent 18 months developing a leadership model for the company. After numerous brainstorming sessions and much heated debate, the group finally agreed on six “leadership attributes” that they believed were essential for managers to have in order for the company to become skilled at executing strategy and being accountable.  Those six attributes included the ability to: develop a plan and implement that plan; motivate and rouse others; be ethical and trustworthy and abide by the rules; achieve outcomes; strive for excellence; and be a capable and creative innovator. The company has continued to reinforce its pursuit of leadership excellence with these six attributes.
Other companies, such as Ernst & Young, start early in recruiting and investing in future leaders, often going after talented college freshmen who have leadership potential. They take the best talent and involve them in various leadership development programs both while in school and after graduation. Deloitte, another company rated high for its leadership development programs, is deeply committed to helping its Millennial employees learn and absorb the leadership skills they will need to lead the company in the future. It starts with a very specific recruiting strategy for hiring Millennials and continues with a yearlong “Welcome to Deloitte” program. This program is all about teaching this age group client-management skills and team-building skills, and offering professional development opportunities. And, not surprisingly, it’s done largely through social media using interactive experiences such as role-plays, simulations, games, and a tool to help these employees track their first-year tasks.
At Facebook, the first Millennial-run organization to become a Fortune 500 company, leadership development is designed around the needs of a fast-moving, fast-growing company. The head of leadership development at Facebook says that the only way leadership development works there is by making it consistent with the types of engineering tech types that comprise the company. Engineers are concerned only with “what works.” And it’s the same for any type of leadership development to be successful here; the focus has to be on what works. Also, since Facebook is an extremely flat organization with few levels of management, employees find out early on that in order to get anything done, they’re going to have to be able to influence and inspire people. That’s why leaders at Facebook don’t have to be convinced of the need for people skills. They won’t survive long without them.
Prepare a 2-page paper answering the following questions.  Remember, use 10-12 pt font and APA format!  Feel free to bring in outside data/sources, but please provide citations and a list of references.

  1. Why do you think that there’s a huge gap in theory (what we know we should do) and practice (what we’re actually doing) of leadership development?
  2. What are some reasons that companies might not be addressing Gen Y leadership development programs?
  3. Three different types of organizations are described here: 3M is primarily a manufacturing organization. Ernst & Young and Deloitte are professional services organizations. Facebook is a tech company. Compare and contrast their differing approaches to Gen Y leadership development.

Psychology homework help

 Research has shown that early attachment experiences can have far reaching effects on development. The work of Bowlby and Ainsworth have illustrated the importance of early bonding with caregivers to the healthy development of the child.
In this paper,

  • Describe the four phases of attachment identified by Bowlby.
  • Describe the four types of attachment identified by Ainsworth.
  • Describe how attachment experiences affect the psychosocial development of children and adolescents.

The Early Attachment and Development paper

  • Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.)
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted

For further assistance with the formatting and the title page, refer to APA Formatting for Word 2013 (Links to an external site.).


Physiology homework help

Organic compounds are an important part of our body’s building  blocks. Lipids, proteins and carbohydrates (which include sugars and  starches) are all part of this group. One area that you hear about these  compounds is in the world of dieting. There are so many diets out there  – low carb, low sugar, low fat, high fat, high protein and the list  goes on. Which one works? Do any of them?
For this discussion, you will research a diet plan of your choice  that involves or restricts one of these organic compounds. When you have  completed your research, answer the following questions:

  • Which diet did you research?
  • Which organic compound is involved or restricted?
  • Discuss the organic compound and what it does in the body.
  • Why is the inclusion or restriction of this compound said to make the diet a success?
  • Is there any research that supports that this diet works or does not work? Explain.
  • What is your opinion about this type of diet? Have you ever been on a diet like this? What food habits have worked for you?