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Write a 7 page essay on Keeler v. Superior Court, 2 Cal 3D 619 (1970).He insisted, upon viewing her pregnant form, the he would “stomp it out of you”, then pushing her against the car and driving his knee sharply into her abdomen (New York State Bar Association, 2010, p.623). After striking his wife in the face several times, she eventually fainted. Upon awaking, Robert Keeler had left the scene of the crime.Her first move was to return to Stockton where she approached the police, who summoned medical assistance. She was discovered to have significant facial injuries and extensive bruises on her abdomen (loislaw.com, 2010). Upon the advice of medical practitioners, a C-section was performed in which the fetus was discovered to have a fractured skull and was delivered stillborn. Under Penal Code § 187, Robert Keeler was charged with murder as it was determined that the damage caused to the fetus could only have been sustained through external force.The Supreme Court of Amador County ruled that Robert Keeler could not be held on murder charges or convicted of the crime. The judge in the case cited Penal Code 187 that provides “murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, with malice afterthought” (loislaw.com, 2010, p.2). At this time, in 1970, most of the laws pertaining to murder and identifying what constitutes a human being was related to very old common law from the 1850s. There were no precedents set that clearly indicated fetus rights and such rights in relation to classification as a human being. This common law involved protections for individuals who had been born alive, and Teresa Keeler’s child had been stillborn. The judge had no legal viability by which to uphold murder charges.The judge further ruled that citing other relevant laws other than those spelled out in Penal Code 187 would deny Mr. Keeler due process afforded him by law (loislaw.com). Though Robert Keeler’s domestic assault charges were upheld, there were absolutely no

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Spring 2021

CEE 422/522 Site Remediation


Assignment #2


(a) What is IRIS (Google the word IRIS EPA). Using IRIS, for Toluene, find

(a) oral reference dose of Toluene

(b) critical effect

(c) the value of uncertainty factor and explain why (i.e,. the basis of 3,000)

(d) summarize the findings of principal study

(e) List the supporting studies (i.e., provide the references)


(b) Using IRIS, for chloroform, find

(a) oral reference dose of Toluene

(b) critical effect

(c) carcinogenicity

(d) summarize the findings of principal study

(e) List the supporting studies (i.e., provide the references)


  1. You have 50,000 kg of hazardous waste in drums that requires disposal within the next 30 days. A disposal contractor, whom you know to be reliable, has quoted a disposal cost of $2.10/kg.  Another disposal contractor, who has had a number of EPA violations over the past year, has quoted a disposal cost of $0.90/kg. Which disposal contractor would you select, based on a risk assessment of the two alternatives?


  1. Define (a) LOAEL, (b) NOAEL and (c) LD50.


  1. Define carcinogens. Contrast mutagenesis, teratogenesis and carcinogenesis.


  1. Download and install IEUBK model from EPA website (works for windows only). Use the model to evaluate the impact of 650 ppm of lead concentration in children in a residential scenario. [Impact means geometric mean, % of children above 5 mg/dL and the distribution curve]


  1. Go to www.atsdr.cdc.gov

Then find the link TOXFAQs on the page and answer the following (read/review and cut and paste)


(a) What is benzene?

(b) What happens to benzene when it enters the environment?

(c) How might I be exposed to benzene

(d) How can benzene affect my health?

(e) How likely is benzene to cause cancer?

(f) How can benzene affect children?

(g) How can families reduce the risks of exposure to benzene?

(h) Is there a medical test to show whether I’ve been exposed to benzene?


  1. What is a biomarker (related to contaminant exposure). What is the name of the biomarker for benzene?


  1. The city of Annapolis disinfects its water supply using chlorine. If 50 mg/L of chloroform is being produced (and people are exposed to that concentration), estimate the chronic daily intake (mg/kg-day). State your assumptions, if any.


  1. One gram per day of dioxin is leaking into a 40,000 m3 pond. Assuming complete instantaneous mixing, what would be the concentration after one week (assume no loss in air or sediment).


  1. In the US, the generators are responsible for hazardous waste they create from “cradle to grave”. Explain what is meant by the phrase. Is the responsibility ends at the “grave”?