Computer Science

15 slides presentation on the research paper attached. 

Business & Finance

Ask three people at your workplace what, in their opinions, are the three biggest issues in workplace ethics and why they hold that opinion. Report their rank in the organization and your findings. (250 words or more)

Social Science

Q1:  What is Cassie’s “journey” in law school?  What realizations and changes come about as she spends her time at Harvard Law?  What causes the changes in her basic beliefs and ideas about her future?

Q2:  When Cassie goes home for Christmas, we read again about her cousin, Melissa and her family.  How have Melissa’s and Cassie’s values and beliefs grown apart?  What have you learned in this class that explains the attitudes and beliefs held by Melissa, her parents, and her child? 

Business & Finance

SLP Assignment Expectations

In SLP 3, you will use an actual IBISWorld report to prepare an Excel spreadsheet and graphs.

For the industry that you selected, you will use the “Industry Performance” tab.

  • On the “Industry Performance” tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section entitled, Historical Performance Data. Click the small arrow pointing downward (located at the top right of the Historical Performance Data section) and export the data to Excel. Once you have the Excel spreadsheet with the data for “Historical Performance Data”: 
  1. Highlight the data in column B, then create a Column Chart illustrating the Revenue ($m) data. For example, 
  2. Use the Excel formula to calculate the Average for each column of data within the sheet.
  3. Add this information to the bottom of each column.
  4. Use Excel to calculate the Sum for each column of data within the sheet.
  5. Add this information below the row of Averages for each column.
  6. Change the name of this Tab to Revenue Growth.


Column A Column B Column C Year Revenue

$ in Millions Growth % (20151) 38,5820.0 (2017) 144,7291.7 (Average) 141883.61.46 (Sum) 425,6514.4

Foreign Languages

Spanish Writing Assignment: A brief paragraph detailing any kind of journey and must include a certain amount of grammatical structures (detail in the attached file).

Should only take about an hour of writing.

Article Writing

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Enclosed in attachment. (Psychology). It needs to be at least 1000 words. Creative cognition is defined as the approach that is used to explain the role of cognitive processes in the process of creative thinking. The main objective of the science dealing with the creative cognition is to be able to determine the components of the creative process. Through years of study and in depth empirical data analysis, it has been concluded that the process of creative thinking acts on a multitude of different processes. It is not limited to a certain psychological area or component that can be labeled as its own. This conclusion then makes it a challenge to limit the components and mechanisms that are involved in the process of creative cognition (Smith, Ward and Finke, 1995).

One of the main issues in the study of creative cognition is the basis of mechanism. One group believes in the evidences pertaining to the fact that creative cognition is based on expertise. On the other hand, an opposing side purports that creative cognitions is based on insight. The aim of the paper is to present an analysis of the two opposing sides on the basis of the available evidences.

By being based on expertise, it means that creative cognition is a structured process of psychological and mental activity. This can be considered analogous to a ‘systematic and well-organized’ manner of mental processes that are structured in different aspects (Stemberg, 1999, p.208). Based on the evidences related to the said concept, when the brain is given a particular problem to resolve, the automatic reaction is an analysis based on memory. This can be considered as logical resolutions to different stimuli. For example one issue is tackled, different parts of the brain related to the said issue is activated. This can be related to the popular saying that ‘experience is the best teacher.


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Article Writing

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses the financial picture of enrons report. The firm reported $1 billion in earnings in 2000 which did not exist. The fact that most investors were institutionalized investors shows that the Enron fraud was very well covered. Institutionalized investors are supposed to be able to decipher when a company is generating funny money. One of the biggest victims of the Enron scandal was the employees of the company. The company set up a pension fund that matched employee contributions with Enron stocks. The pension plans that employees had worked for on many instances over 20 years became worthless overnight when the scandal broke out. The company’s stock in 2001 after the revelation of the scandal that led at the time to the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history went down to $0.40 from its all-time high of $90 a year earlier.

The accountants and the executive management team of Enron were completely unethical. The market to market accounting the firm used inflated income by overstating the value of energy contracts. To act in an ethical manner using market to market accounting the income estimates should have followed the principle of conservatism. The unethical strategy the managers used was biased because the managers recognize energy contracts in a manner to maximize the present value of the contract in order to receive higher bonuses. In regards to off-balance sheet transactions, the company was extremely unethical because it created over 3,000 special purpose entities to hide the actual debt of the company.


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Thank you for your discussion for the final week of class. It has been a pleasure to interact with you in this course. I look forward to working with you in the next course as well. It seem that you have gotten the directions wrong love. It stated that we are supposed to chose a case study that has not been discussion in this course and the last course as well. “Trichotillomania is a good instance of this matrix of ambiguity in that it is a complex condition with no consensus on optimal treatment that may respond to drugs,hypnosis, behavioral modification, individual, group or family therapy, singly or in combination” (Halasz, 1996). As a psychologist there should be a plan put in place to help Suzanne to be able to recognize her triggers that influence her to pull her hair. The action plan should include family therapy with Suzanne to help her to be able to express her thoughts and feelings with her parents the reason why she pulls her hair out. Can you expand on what action plan that you would recommend to advocate for Suzanne? It seem that Suzanne is puling her hair as a cry for help. As a psychologist listening to the client to understand feelings could possible reduce some of the negative behavior of pulling her hair out. Cognitve behavior therapy would be a great treatment plan that would help Suzanne change negative thoughts and help her find ways to cope as well find positive reinforcement to help her stop pulling her hair out. What partnerships would  you used to help you support your clients?