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College of William and Mary Credit Firm Risks Paper


I’m working on a Business exercise and need support.

Financial institutions and banks have potential business risks regarding loaning and debting.discuss the risks in 1 page 

Business Finance Homework Help

Strathmore University Developing Skills & Strategies for Success Discussion


Do you believe that with effort and skill development you can achieve what you set your mind to? Or, do you believe that you are not in control of your abilities and get discouraged when mistakes are made? This discussion explores the concepts of growth and fixed mindsets as well as the role grit plays in goal achievement


  • Review these common fixed mindset statements:
    • Either I’m good at something or I’m not.
    • I can’t learn now; it’s too late.
    • There’s no point in trying if I’m going to fail.
    • I take feedback as a personal attack.
    • I always struggle with this task.
    • I can’t make this any better; it is what it is.
    • I already know everything I need to know.
    • I know that I can’t do this.


In your initial discussion forum post,

  • Choose one of the common fixed mindset statements listed above, and describe a situation in which either you or someone you know has demonstrated this fixed mindset.
  • Explain the value of having a growth mindset and grit towards achieving goals 

Business Finance Homework Help

FIDM Innovation Process Summary


Read MI Chapter – 3 &4 and write a two- three page summary of the big ideas from the chapters and add a section on what concept you personally would find most challenging and why.

Reading link:…

Business Finance Homework Help

ECM 56EKM ABC Entrepreneurship and Innovation Questions


please find attached of the assignment . and choose the Oman Cement Company as an organization. It is the provision, import and export of cement. The name of the owner of the company( Ahmed Al Mashani)

please work in Task 2 Q1, Q2 and Q3. and refernce because i have already finish task 1.

Business Finance Homework Help

UAGC Sampson Inc Internal Control Errors and Solutions Discussion


The management at Sampson, Inc. understands that an effective internal control system provides many positives. Among these positives are reliable financial information that enables management to make educated decisions with an opportunity to prevent or detect errors. The internal audit staff at Sampson conducts a periodic review of the organization’s accounting records in order to determine if the system for internal controls is effective.

In the latest audit, the staff found the following situations:

  • Bank deposits and cash receipts do not always reconcile.
  • Decisions and the actual write-offs of bad debt are performed by the same person.
  • Occasional discrepancies exist between physical inventory and the perpetual inventory records.
  • Adjustments to physical inventory counts and the perpetual inventory records have been observed.
  • Customer refunds and credits are not unusual.
  • Original source documents are missing. However, substitute copies of the original source documents are available.
  • Many source documents lack appropriate management approval.

In a three- to five-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), analyze the seven situations of this case study and discuss the possible cause of the situation. Utilizing scholarly research, write appropriate recommendations to management concerning operational changes or internal control revisions that should be implemented to correct problem situations.

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Zhejiang University Chapter 5 Managed by Q Management Strategies Case Study


Prepare an analysis of the Managed by Q case.

Assess Q’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats

What strategy or strategies should Q implement to enable growth?

What analysis or models support that strategy?

What specific recommendations do you have for Q to enable growth?

Take the role of a consultant or advisor.  Focus and organize your analysis (use a framework or technique).  Be specific with recommendations. Include implementation issues, benefits, and/or obstacles as appropriate. Base your analysis on information in the case, but additional research is welcome.  Do not summarize the case.

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Customer Analysis & Socioeconomic Requirements in Government Contracting Essay


Customer Analysis

As a Contracting Officer, what is the difference between a customer and a stakeholder for a procurement? Why is it important for a Contracting Officer to understand who their customers and/or stakeholders are? Why should the Contracting Officer be familiar with their customer’s mission?

Socioeconomic Requirements

What are the socioeconomic programs? Why are they necessary to have? Who is responsible for setting the federal government socioeconomic goals? If you are a small business owner, where are the federal government’s plans (and percentages) for small businesses? What about for individual agency procurements? How would the government enforce the small business percentages to the prime contractor for a specific procurement?

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Troy University Injuries Due to Distracted Driving Discussion


I need support with this Marketing question so I can learn better.

Suppose you were given the?task of?estimating the proportion of drivers in Troy, AL who text while they drive. Discuss what factors/issues you must consider and how you would accomplish this.

Business Finance Homework Help

Westcliff Income Statements Job Order Costing and Activity Based Costing Questions


I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

Prepare the Income statements in both job order costing and activity based costing formats for a hypothetical case

Your example should include at least three(3) activities and at least two (2) products

If you do both correctly the operating income in both statements should be identical

Explain the initial assumptions and the caluclations in detail