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*All projects (PowerPoint; brochures; or video files) are to be submitted in Assignments by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April. 14th!

SPA 102
Cultural Project Topics
For the class you are required to complete one cultural assignment. This cultural assignment is worth 100 points and counts as 10% of your overall grade.
This project is due on:  Monday, April 10th
You must choose one of the following topics:

·         La Semana Santa (Holy Week)
·         Las Posadas
·         Fiesta de San Fermín (Sanfermines)
·         El Año Nuevo (in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, España)
·         La tomatina
·         Las Fallas
·         Carnaval
·         Día de los Reyes Magos
·         La Feria de Las Flores (Colombia)
·         Fiesta de San Juan Bautista (Puerto Rico)
·         Cinco de Mayo
·         Santaría (religion practiced in Cuba)
  • Research a Hispanic holiday and create a PowerPoint about what you learn. Include the date(s) of the holiday; where is the holiday generally celebrated (in which country/countries); how do the people celebrate; what types of foods, games, activities and traditions are popular; why is this holiday so important (what are its origins?) Lastly, compare and contrast this holiday to a similar holiday in the United States.
    1. Be sure to include pictures
    2. Dates/facts
    3. History
    4. Celebrations / foods/etc

Some holidays you may want to consider:

2.    Research Hispanic art / artists: Create a PowerPoint about a specific Hispanic cultural art that interests you.  Cultural arts can include: music, art, sculptures, dance, folkloric arts & crafts, etc.  Include the origins of the cultural art you are researching; in which country (ies) is the art most predominant; the cultural significance of the art or artist; unique elements and styles that are specific to the art or artist; your response and/or reflection on the art.  Is there any art/artist in the United States that represents American culture?  Include one style of art that does represent American culture and describe how it does so: origin; tradition; significance; unique elements & styles.

Some art or artists that may interest you are:

Artists Art Music Dance Folk Crafts
Frida Kahlo La Sagrada Familia Cuban Son cumbia santaría
Diego Rivera mexican murals Bossa Nova tango cascarones
Pablo Picasso Guernica Norteño salsa weaving
Salvador Dalí tile murals Tigres del Norte merengue Woodwork – flautas; carritos (Costa Rica); et
Fernando Botero   Orisha (group) bachata jewelry
Francisco Goya   Carlos Gardel flamenco Superstitious talisman
Velázquez   Vicente Fernandez El Tapatío pottery (varies per county)
Antoni Gaudi   sevillanas   Orishas gods
  Andean music Musical instruments
(i.e. Spanish guitar; Spanish castanets; maracas; etc)

*Your presentation should be 7 -10 minutes in length & include a Reference slide/page: You must include TWO references cited in MLA format!
*Online courses: In lieu of an oral presentation, your classmates will be able to view selected cultural projects in D2L.  Students are required to view at least THREE presentations and write a response/reflection for each. (see below)
*Peer Response:  Your response/reflection to three different presentations posted by your classmates must include:

  • Something new you learned about the holiday or art form you did not know before you saw the presentation.
  • Reflect on how the holiday or art form is different from what you expected it to be like or how it is unique.
  • Of the projects posted, which holiday festivity/tradition would you prefer to attend and why? Or, which art form did you identify most with and why?

Peer responses will be available in a D2L discussion post a week or two after the project deadline.