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This week we return back to the trenches of the Western Front to explore some of the war’s most memorable and deadly battles. As a result, many of these prompts ask you to think back to earlier readings from our class or to think more broadly about the 1916 period of fighting.

  1. As Michael Howard asks in Chapter 5 of The First World War: A Very Short Introduction, what factors made it possible for the war to last so long? In other words, what made it possible for the countries involved in the war to endure the war of attrition that settled in by 1916?
  2. Think back to all of the firsthand accounts of the First World War we’ve read so far. Which one stands out to you the most? Why?
  3. Both Louis Barthas and Gabriel Chevallier present accounts of the First World War from a French soldier’s perspective. How are these accounts similar or different? What do you think can explain these differences, if there are any?
  4. What was it like to inhabit a trench during the Battle of Verdun?  Please consider the following passage:

“The trench we had just occupied was about halfway up the slope…  In reality this wasn’t much more than a miserable boyau dug in one night, by troops who were hanging on three and who, the next day, were pulverized by howitzers.”There, human flesh had been shredded, torn to bits.  At places where the earth was soaked with blood, swarms of flies swirled and eddied.  You couldn’t really see corpses, but you knew where they were, hidden in shell holes with a layer of dirt on top of them, from the wafting smells of rotten flesh.  There was all sorts of debris everywhere: broken rifles; gutted packs from which spilled out pages of tenderly written letters and other carefully guarded souvenirs from home, and which the wind scattered; crushed canteens, shredded musette bags—all labeled 125th Regiment.  I was easily able to replace the munitions, rations, and tools which I had cast off during the march up to the front.”The sight of this gloomy tableau suggested to us that the next day, once the Boches spotted our presence there, they would pound us into marmalade” (p. 193).

REQUIRED BOOKS: double check questions for which books to use!

Barbara Tuchman, The Guns of AugustMichael Howard,

The First World WarGabriel Chevallier,

Fear: A Novel of World War I

Vera Brittain, Testament of Youth

Cecil Lewis, Sagittarius Rising

Louis Barthas, Poilu: The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrelmaker 1914-1918

Robert Graves, Good-bye to All That

Ernst Jünger, Storm of Steel

Management homework help

After completing the assessment answer the following questions:

1) Did your score match what you thought it might be?

2) Does your score apply more to your schoolwork or job (career aspirations) or do you believe that your achievement motivation is the same for both of these areas of your life?

16-10: Average need for achievement. I scored a 10 and I believe my achievement motivation are the same for both schoolwork and job.

Paper is at least 1 full paragraph in length.

Reading homework help


Part 1: Describe yourself by describing three objects that you use every day. These objects do not have to be special or personal; they can be mundane or ordinary. Try using the statement “I am…” and other first-person clauses to describe your objects. Write at least 100 words for each object. Cody has written an example of part 1 below. You don’t have to be this poetic, however, lean in to whatever feelings you have about this object and feel free to be as creative as you can. 

I am a black sea of distraction; a casket for good ideas. My stillness is only rivaled by my movement when I am awakened, but I never sleep. I am always listening, waiting to digest the delicious invitation–the signal to open portals to other worlds. I have made countless friends and enemies, mostly people I’ve never met. I have no desire to meet them, only to watch them dance for my entertainment, only to be so casually dismissed. I feel disgust, and shame, and envy, and joy, and excitement, and disappointment, and loneliness, and triumph, and fear, and I am imperfect. But I am perfected. [Television]

Part 2: Choose one object. Describe what this object means to you in 250 words or fewer. Think, in particular, how this object has influenced your identity. Does it passively shape your life, or is it something that you have an active connection to? Be prepared to talk about what this object means to you in our “Pieces of You” segment of class on Wed. 2/10. 

Law homework help


· What are the most important facts that support Lambert’s position that a contract existed?

· What are the most important facts that support Barron’s position that a contract did not exist?

· Do you agree with the outcome of the case?

In response to your peers, if they disagree with your response, consider the factual assumptions they have made which form the foundation of their opinion. Can you challenge those assumptions while furthering your discussion? If your responses are similar, consider posing a hypothetical question to test your peer’s conclusions.

Regardless of whether you are an attorney arguing in court or a business stakeholder pitching to shareholders or a potential client, adding support for your argument from appropriate resources strengthens your content. For this discussion board, be sure to include a citation to an appropriate source that supports the point you are making.

History homework help

will write a journal critique on a article about one psychological disorder of your choice: Schizophrenia (considered the cancer of mental disorders), Anxiety (the most common mental disorder of the United States), Depressive Disorder (Mood disorder), Bipolar (Manic episodes), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (thoughts and actions like handwashing), Personality Disorder (Narcisstic) and Dissocative Identity Disorder (Alters). This should be no more than 3 pages not including the Cover and Reference page The article has to be less than 10 years old. Here are all the parts that should be included in the critique:

History homework help

 Listen to the following music clips:

Google the lyrics and then answer, in a paragraph for each song, in what way this represents ethical decision making in an historical context.  Think about the fact that if musicians are too political, they could lose fans and their careers could take a significant hit.  The Beatles encountered something similar.  These three artists knew the risk they were taking and took it anyway.
Submit a three paragraph response to this here.

History homework help

Read at least two sources on the subject of the Spanish Inquisition and then answer the following questions in complete sentence
Where did The Inquisition take place?
What is meant by The Inquisition?
How did inquisitions come to be used in dealing with cases of heresy?
What religion really responsible for The Inquisition?
Why were heretics burned at the stake?

American history homework help

how did commercial papers evolve in india in the past decade? explain in detail the current state of the market, opportunities and possible challenges the market is experiencing.

American history homework help

This is a History paper. Please go through the links of the Youtube videos that I have attached.
Using the life and times of Sam Patch as a starting point, describe what industrialization was doing to the institutions of freedom and equality in America during the Early Republic Period (1800-1837). Construct a 2-3-page paper that describes how industrialization is changing the country during this period and how working-class Americans are responding to it. Be sure to incorporate the general historical narrative in your paper.
This is an argumentative paper. It is essential that you provide a thesis statement (argument). In writing this paper you are required to engage readings from Sam Patch, the Famous JumperSFA, as well as lecture materials. It is expected that you will prove proficiency in the course materials and demonstrate the ability to synthesize and analyze these materials in support of your thesis.


§ DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Please refer to our policy statement on the syllabus concerning academic dishonesty. It is guaranteed that if you plagiarize at the very least you will fail the paper.
§ Papers should use the MLA format for citations (see below).
§ Papers should provide works cited page at the end of the paper.
§ This paper is to be 2-3 pages in length.  Two FULL pages minimum.
§ Use a 12-point font. Make sure there is a one-inch margin on each side. Double-space the text and number your pages.
§ You must have a cover page. On this cover page, on the upper left-hand side and single-spaced, put your name, section number, Paper 2, and date the paper is due. Your name or other identifying information should NOT appear anywhere else on your paper.
§ Your thesis should appear in bold.
§  All sources must come from the materials covered in the class – so no outside sources.
§ Do not use personal pronouns (I, me, you, etc.). Do not use contractions (don’t, can’t, won’t, etc.).
§ If you fail to follow the above formatting, you will be deducted 2.5 points on the final grade.
§ For every day a paper is late, 2.5 points will be deducted from the final grade of your paper.
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