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SEU Accounting Research and Practice Worksheet


Assignment Questions

Explain interview methods and the areas of concern in conducting them. Give example for each method.

Question 2.

Q2. What are the characteristics of a good sample?

Question 3.

Q4. Explain why the publication in a Refereed journal articles is more difficult than Professional journal articles.

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SEU Introduction to AIS 3 Worksheet


Khan Corporation is a midsize, privately owned, industrial instrument manufacturer supplying precision equipment to manufacturers in the Midwest. The corporation is 10 years old and uses an integrated ERP system. The administrative offices are located in a downtown building and the production, shipping, and receiving departments are housed in a renovated warehouse a few blocks away. Customers place orders on the company’s website, by fax, or by telephone. All sales are on credit, FOB destination. During the past year sales have increased dramatically, but 15% of credit sales have had to written off as uncollectible, including several large online orders to first-time customers who denied ordering or receiving the merchandise. Customer orders are picked and sent to the warehouse, where they are placed near the loading dock in alphabetical sequence by customer name. The loading dock is used both for outgoing shipments to customers and to receive incoming deliveries. There are ten to twenty incoming deliveries every day, from a variety of sources.

The increased volume of sales has resulted in a number of errors in which customers were sent the wrong items. There have also been some delays in shipping because items that supposedly were in stock could not be found in the warehouse. Although a perpetual inventory is maintained, there has not been a physical count of inventory for two years. When an item is missing, the warehouse staff writes the information down in log book. Once a week, the warehouse staff uses the log book to update the inventory records. The system is configured to prepare the sales invoice only after shipping employees enter the actual quantities sent to a customer, thereby ensuring that customers are billed only for items actually sent and not for anything on back order.


a. Identify at least three weaknesses in Khan Corporation’s revenue cycle activities. [2 points]

b. Describe the problem resulting from each weakness. [2 point]

c. Recommend control procedures that should be added to the system to correct the weakness. [2 point]

Question 2:

What are the advantages of the REA data model over the traditional AIS model?

Question 3:

Identify and discuss two methods of production planning.

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SEU Accounting of Financial Institutions Worksheet


Assignment Question(s):

1)Accounting for Securitization under SFAS No. 140 (2000) is a limited attempt to describe complex transactions that are structured to yield desired economic and accounting outcomes. This accounting raises three issues for users of financial reports. State these three issues.

2)The vast majority of SPEs are VIEs, however VIEs need not be SPEs. Explain this statement. Also state the conditions that define an entity as VIE.

3)The sensitivity approach requires that the firm provide an estimate of the loss of value, earnings, or cash flow caused by a specific adverse movement in each market price or rate. Sensitivity Approach also has some strength and some weakness. Discuss the strength and weakness of Sensitivity Approach.

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NVCC Devil in a Blue Dress as African American Detective Fiction Paper


Analyze Devil in a Blue Dress as African American Detective Fiction

Select three different points that David Schmid makes in “African American Mysteries” excerpts. Write a paragraph on each point in which you:

  • Find places in Devil In a Blue Dress where you can see each point functioning and in action.
  • For each point, use direct quotations from the novel that illuminate each point.
  • Write one substantial paragraph per point explaining why that place in the novel illuminates the point (5-8 sentences per paragraph)

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North Dakota State University Leader in Manufacturing Good Questions


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Is the rise of China as a leader in manufacturing good for the US – consumers and corporations? What are the benefits and costs to Chinese workers?

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Cuyamaca College Walmart Firm Analysis Paper



Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the article Walmart Expands Again in India—But Still Not Able to Open Consumer Stores to Consumer Detriment (Links to an external site.) and https://hbr.org/1985/07/do-you-really-have-a-global-strategy

In the first half of the assignment, you will prepare for Walmart to operate in a foreign market. In particular, you will need to analyze at least two leadership models and/or styles to determine which one will be more suitable for leading employees and for responding to stakeholders in a country outside of North America. Determine the leadership competencies that would be beneficial to you as a leader in the selected foreign market. You will choose either Peru, New Zealand, Philippines, Egypt, Czech Republic, or the United Arab Emirates for your analysis. You will also need to compare the concepts of cultural leadership according to how they can be applied in the country that you have selected. You must also determine the leadership skills and practices that should be used in order to foster team and organizational success.

In the second half of the assignment, you will conduct an analysis of the country that you have decided to expand operations into. The analysis must include the rationale for country selection based upon demographic and economic data. Lastly, the analysis should inform leadership about the country’s culture based upon GLOBE’s nine dimensions of culture as argued in Northouse (2018). Incorporate each of the nine dimensions of culture in an analysis that will be hypothetically presented to Walmart leadership. When utilizing the nine dimensions, current information about the culture of the selected country must be utilized. The purpose of this preliminary analysis is to make sure that the leadership team understands the complexities of expanding into the country that you have selected. The paper should be 5-6 pages and include Three scholarly references.

In your paper,

  • Analyze the demographic and economic data of a country that Walmart is currently not operating in.
  • Conduct an analysis for Walmart leadership about the country’s culture based upon the GLOBE’s nine dimensions of culture.
  • Explain how Walmart’s leadership skills and practices may lead to organizational success.
  • Formulate a model of cultural and ethical leadership as it applies to Walmart at a global level.
  • How would leadership change from the US to the different marketplace?
  • Show how this Foreign market would compare to other schools
  • Would there be integrity in this global business and what would that look like?
  • How could ethics play a roll in this?

The Walmart Analysis for Leadership Final Paper

  • Must be 5-6 full-length double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in example APA Style(Links to an external site.)
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • For further assistance with the formatting and the title page, refer to APA formatting
  • Must utilize academic voice.
  • Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.
  • Must use at least three scholarly sources in addition to the course text.
  • Must document any information used from sources in APA style )
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style

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Los Angeles Valley College Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat Paper


Choose a specific art movement we have studied in the second half of the class that you particularly like. This could be Romanticism, Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, Dada, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Pop Art, Conceptual Art and so forth.

Identify and describe both formally and conceptually three works of art by different artists that worked in this style.

Next discuss how this style evolved and what artists influenced the development of that particular artistic style.

Then conclude as to why you chose this particular artistic movement.  Remember I’m’ looking for your viewpoint and impressions of this movement so do not copy information from the Internet.

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Grossmont College Enrolling Employees Through the Marketplace Discussion


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This is a short discussion that focuses on the benefits for small businesses in enrolling employees through the marketplace? and what is the penalty for small businesses that don’t provide health insurance for employees? Using ONLY this link: https://www.healthcare.gov/

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Negative Global Warming Effect in the Human Health Discussion


1. Please write a proposal argumentative essay,  which means proposing how to solve a problem and argue why it will work. You also have a sample on how to do an Annotated Bibliography, and I will provide links to further help you with this. You will be choosing your own environmental topic to research and write about. The topic is global warming.