Human Resource Management homework help



1. In this individual assignment which is based on the sporting goods franchise case in the textbook,  students will play the role of an HR professional who is asked to develop and communicate a human resources plan to address labour shortage or surplus for the franchise owner.
2. Students will conduct research and apply labour supply and demand forecasting concepts and techniques they learned to create this HR plan. Students will then write an executive summary business report which documents the results of their research and their HR plan including (but not limited to) addressing the case questions in the textbook. Your executive summary report must be a Word document (Maximum of 1500 words, excluding cover page and references page, APA standards).


Students will also complete a video recorded 10-minute presentation which logically documents the results of their research and their HR plans to be presented to the franchise owner. The presentation will provide the owner with a high-level summary of the management report, rationale for action, and the recommended HR plan. The presentation must be 8-10 PowerPoint slides, 12-point font excluding cover page and references page.

Social Science homework help


Below are some questions to help guide your discussion on the oppression of Indigenous peoples. Please answer each of the following.

  1. Identify 3 take-aways (important things to remember) from this week’s recorded lecture and explain how you will apply these reminders in social work practice.
  2. Describe how the story of Christopher Columbus that you learned as a child differs from the depiction offered by indigenous people in the video Columbus and the legacy of genocide.
  3. Describe the similiarities and differences in the experiences of the 5 tribes in The Indian Removal Act. What are some enduring, modern-day injustices from the trail of tears?
  4. In the video, Changing the Way We See Native Americans, this speaker details the resilience of indigenous peoples. Why do you think it is important to modernize the perception of indigenous peoples from the stereotype of the “leathered and feathered”?

Note: Respond to at least two other classmate’s questions, then provide a rejoinder to at least one comment on your own original post.  The point of this is to facilitate an actual back-and-forth discussion so you’re interacting with the course materials, with each other, and with me. To give your colleagues enough time to respond, please make your original post by Wednesday, and responses/rejoinders are due Sunday by midnight.

Business & Finance homework help



After conducting additional research, as necessary, select the best solution given a specific work setting. Then, prepare a 2-page paper in which you:

  • introduction
  • Thoroughly explain the option that you selected.  option=An establishment of safety and health management system
  • Discuss the viability of implementing the solution.
  • Identify and describe the expected obstacles and provide associated resolutions.
  • conclusion

English homework help

Choose one of the prompts on the following page and write an essay discussing

any one poem we’ve studied this semester. Make sure you answer the central

question of the prompt. Give examples from your chosen poem and quote lines as

needed. Consider its themes, images, similes/metaphors, other lit techniques, or the

speaker’s identity, to aid in your discussion. Focus on the poem and its ideas, not

secondary resources about the poem. Remember the typical structure of an

academic essay, and aim for 500-750 words.


1) As we’ve seen in class, poetry can often explore the multiple sides of a given subject. Choose a poem and discuss its opposing themes or images. What effect does it achieve by comparing these opposite or conflicting elements? OR

Information Systems homework help


This data project will address Course Outcomes 1 and 3:

  • interpret quantitative information to determine effects of human activity on the environment and to evaluate environmentally sustainable decisions
  • effectively communicate and use scientific evidence regarding human impact on the environment with emphasize on sustainability and global citizenship


This data project will be composed of two parts.

In Part I of your report, you will compile class data from the Week 1 Eco Moment on our Ecological Footprints (found in the “Shared Data” Discussion under Ecological Footprint Data) and summarize/analyze it with Excel (or similar spreadsheet program).  Discuss what trend(s) you see in the class data that relate to course concepts.  Think about the best way to present your findings–tabular or graphical form?  There is no “right answer” here, as long as you pick a format that highlights your main findings and support your table(s) and/or graph(s) with clear text that interpret the results.  Do any of the findings surprise you?  Why or why not?

In Part II, you will research and discuss possible solutions to the environmental problems reflected in the class data. Here, you will want to support your argument with reliable, scientific resources (e.g., peer-reviewed scientific papers, white papers, and government websites). Be sure to end with a strong concluding paragraph that summarizes the main data trend(s), along with the merits and relevance of your chosen solution(s).


The page limit for your written report for both Part I and Part II is 2 pages, plus 1 page for the data table/graph(s) you use to present your findings in Part I. The page limit does not include an optional title page, the reference list, and the appendix with the raw class data. The report should be double-spaced with one-inch margins all around and use a 12-pt font.

Here is the order in which to present the various project components:

  1. Part I = describe the class data we collected, include the methodology, relevant web tool (if applicable), the mean and sample size for each result, table/graph(s) that depict the main findings and/or trends; interpret the table/graph(s) for the reader
  2. Part II = summarize research on possible solutions; be sure to incorporate reliable in-text citations and focus on relevant, attainable solutions
  3. Reference List
  4. Appendix of Raw Data = screenshot or copy in the Excel table showing all the class data (no analysis or mean)

Computer Science homework help

There is much discussion regarding Data Analytics and Data Mining.  Sometimes these terms are used synonymously but there is a difference.  What is the difference between Data Analytics vs Data Mining? Please provide an example of how each is used.  

750 words

Explain, define, or analyze the topic in detail

Economics homework help

When materials are stored in inventory for a period of time before being used in the production process, the accounting cost and economic cost differ if the market price of these materials have changed from the original purchase price. Accounting cost is equal to the actual acquisition cost and economic cost is equal to the current replacement cost. After reading the articles “U.S. Car Business in Major Shift” and “Car Making in America”, which cost do you feel the U.S. Car industry (GM, Ford, etc.) is most affected by – accounting or economic cost?

Marketing homework help

For this assignment I need you to answer each of the following questions below with the minimum word response required (or more) beside each question. The following response to each question must go on a word document in APA FORMAT. NO PLAGIARISM and I need a PLAGIARISM REPORT upon completion. Any and all referencing must be cited and in APA format.


Q6. Put the five project management process groups in order from the one that generally requires the least work to the one that requires the most. Your response must be at least 75 words in length.

Q7. What does project failure mean? What are some examples? Your response must be at least 75 words in length.

Q8. List and describe several issues that pertain to each stage of the project life cycle. Your response must be at least 75 words in length.

Q9. Discuss how a project could be successful in terms of some measures yet unsuccessful by others.Your response must be at least 75 words in length.

Q10. Name the 10 project management knowledge areas, and briefly summarize each. Your response must be at least 75 words in length.

Q11. Compare and contrast the four phases of the project life cycle process. Your response should be at least 150 words in length.

Q12. The Project Management Body of Knowledge consists of a project life cycle, five process groups, and 10 knowledge areas. Chose two of the processes and four of the knowledge areas and briefly describe each one. Also, include the reason you chose your selections. Your response should be at least 150 words in length.

Q13. Appreciative inquiry consists typically of four phases. Identify the four phases, and briefly describe each one. Your response should be at least 150 words in length.

By the way, I have one attachment below which is a study guide. Be sure to use the resources below. Remember NO PLAGIARISM & I need will need a PLAGIARISM REPORT upon completion. APA Format when writing & referencing.

Psychology homework help

Instructions Description: For the Full of Fallacies assignment, you will create an advertisement that is full of fallacies (CO1). You may find a list of fallacies under “What are some logical fallacies?” in the Lesson and Logical fallacy definitions. The intention of the advertisement is to manipulate the audience using any number of logical fallacies (CO2). To complete the assignment, you will need to complete, Part I: Advertisement and Part II: Explanation. Part I: Advertisement The advertisement will include the following: State intended product or position (what are you selling). 30 seconds long (video or audio). Does not need to have any visual elements (for audio). Use at least 2 logical fallacies intended on manipulating the audience (minimum). Possible Formats: Audio (radio advertisement) or video (visual media advertisement). Part II: Explanation In addition to the advertisement, you will provide a brief explanation, after the advertisement, of why you chose specific logical fallacies and why they might be successful in manipulating the audience. Multimedia: If you chose the video option, you can use embedded video recorder to record and submit your advertisement. If you chose the audio option, you can use the embedded audio recorded or upload an MP3.