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Choose one artist from the lecture to do some more research on. Check out the artist’s website, do some googling and find any interviews or writing about the artist.

In 250-500 words, respond to 2 or 3 of the following questions:

Describe the series visually. What stays consistent, what changes?
How does the work interpret or relate to the word “meanwhile?”
+ Choose one image and complete a visual analysis of the piece.
+ Why did you choose this artist? How does the work resonate with you?

English homework help

For many Americans, buying a home is a goal. But it is also expensive compared to renting. Explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a home compared to renting. What are some of the key issues a first-time homebuyer should consider?

Additionally, describe a housing-related goal that you may have for yourself. What types of financial information might you need to be able to create a starting point for reaching this goal?

Also, please respond to at least one classmate’s pos

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The following topics are examples of historical isolation techniques that can occur when the biological basis for disease is unknown. Choose one of the topics to discuss: evaluation of the measure, effectiveness of the measure, and whether this measure should or could be used again today. Discuss ethical principles that should guide public health decisions including human rights issues. Introductory resources are given but the student should conduct further research on the topic.

1. Tuberculosis Sanatoriums in the U.S.

National Trust for Historic Preservation. (2015). Tuberculosis Sanitariums: Reminders of the White Plague.

Hurt, R. (2004). Tuberculosis sanatorium regimen in the 1940s: a patient’s personal diary. J R Soc Med, 97:350–353.

Discussion Guidelines

APA Style

1-2 pages

English homework help

Guidelines for Essay 1

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to respond to the reading, “2030—Ray Kurzweil’s Predictions or Bill Joy’s Fears?” in which Carolyn Mathas presents two opposing views about the future of technology and the impact of artificial intelligence on humans. Your essay will make it clear whether you are more inclined to agree with Kurzweil’s position or Joy’s position.

Skills:  The assignment will support your skills that are critical in writing an academic essay, using source material (from our textbook only—no outside sources allowed).  Refer to the Essay Rubric for specific grading criteria.

  • Writing a clear, well-organized 1200-word document
  • Crafting an effective thesis
  • Integrating sources and using MLA documentation
  • Using critical thinking skills
  • Editing and proofreading final copy

Knowledge: The assignment will also help you to consider the future of technology and the impact of artificial intelligence on humans.

Task:  Follow these steps to complete this assignment.

1. Read Carolyn Mathas’s “2030 . . .” (374-376 in our textbook).

2. Decide whether you are more inclined to agree with Kurzweil or Joy.

3. Write a 1200-word essay that makes your opinion clear. Your thesis should present your opinion, using the language of an academic paper (no “in my opinion” or “I believe”). The essay should discuss why you agree with Kurzweil or Joy.

4. Use MLA documentation – four in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

  • In-text citations: These come from “2030—Ray Kurzweil’s Predictions or Bill Joy’s Fears.” Use #1 or #2, p. 385 in our handbook.
  • Works Cited page: Only one entry on the Works Cited page, for “2030—Ray Kurzweil’s Predictions or Bill Joy’s Fears.” Use #32, p. 409, in our handbook.

6. Edit/proofread. Be sure you follow these general instructions.

  • Use Word or Rich Text Format to type your essay.
  • Essay should be 1200 words, not counting the Works Cited page

English homework help

analyze “King Thrushbeard” (#52) and answer the following questions in a cohesive paragraph (5-8 sentences):  What are we taught about male and female gender roles in the tale? (That is, how should males act? How should females act?)  How are we taught this?


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The purpose of this discussion board post is to address our chapter objective: identify important traits for effective leadership and discuss accomplishments and traits of famous leaders.

  • This chapter discusses important leadership traits.  Discuss what traits you think are important for leadership.
  • The chapter highlights five leadership figures. As you read about these leaders, which leaders did you find most appealing? What was it about their leadership that you found remarkable?

BOOK:  Northouse, P.G. (2020). Introduction to leadership: Concepts & Practice. 5th Ed., Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publishing, Inc., (ISBN: 978-1-544351599 or ISNB: 1544351593)

English homework help

The purpose of this discussion board post is to process the content in our chapter.

  1. What is strength-based leadership?
  2. What do you think it means to lead with your strengths? Do you think this is important? Discuss.
  3. What is your Myers Briggs Code?
  4. To practice strength-based leadership, you have to know your strengths. Go to the code descriptions (Links to an external site.)  and click on the strengths/weaknesses link for your Myers Briggs code. List 5 strengths, and give an example of how you have used each one.
  5. Are there any strengths that you have that were not listed under your Myers Briggs code?
  6. Which strength are you most proud of? And why?
  7. Can you think of any down side to the strengths that you have?

English homework help

What motivated Anton Kriel to do this presentation?  Based on the context in which Kriel discusses the concept what is a principle?  What is Kriel’s complaint about mass education?  Which one of the five principles do you find most useful and how could you apply it to help you reach your goals in life? Please answer these questions and explain your answers.  Also quote from the video and other material you’ve explored this semester.
Do you want to spend a third of your life (time) or more on this planet working for someone else no matter if you want to be a nurse, engineer, lawyer, pilot?  Does your time on this plant belong to your boss, a company, clients, customers for them to get ahead while you’re just a piece of their plan?  I say no!  Don’t wait so that years from now you realize how much time you’ve given away.  Remember the aphorism, “Too soon old, too late wise.”


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Case Study: Urinary Tract Infection
You are working in an extended care facility when M.Z.’s daughter brings her mother in for a week’s stay while she goes on a planned vacation. M.Z. is an 89-year-old widow with a 4-day history of non- localized abdominal pain, incontinence, new-onset mental confusion, and loose stools. Her most current vital signs are 118/60, 88, 18, 98.4° F (37.4° C). The medical director ordered a post void catheterization, which yielded 100mL of cloudy urine that had a strong odor, and several lab tests on admission. Urine culture and sensitivity results are pending; the other results are shown in the chart.
Chart View Laboratory Test Results:
Complete metabolic panel: Within normal limits except for the following results:
 BUN 25mg/dL Sodium 131mEq/L
 Potassium 3.2mEq/L
White blood cell count 11,000/mm3
Urinalysis Appearance Cloudy Odor Foul
 pH 6.9
 Protein Negative
 Nitrites Positive
 Crystals Negative
WBCs 6 per low-power field
 RBCs 3
What condition do the lab reports point toward?Which assessment findings are typical of an older adult with the condition in Question 1?Considering her history and laboratory results, what other condition is a possibility?
4.The medical director makes rounds and writes orders to start an IV of D5 ½NS at 75mL/hr. and insert a Foley catheter to gravity drainage. Because M.Z. is unable to take oral medications, the medical director orders ciprofloxacin (Cipro) 400mg q12h IV piggyback (IVPB). Are the type of fluid and rate appropriate for M.Z.’s age and condition? Explain.
 5. While the IVPB ciprofloxacin is being administered, which adverse effects might occur?
6. You enter the room to start the IV infusion and insert the Foley catheter and find that the nursing assistive personnel (NAP) has taken M.Z. to the bathroom for a bowel movement. M.Z. asks you to help her, and, as you open the door, you observe her wiping herself from back to front. What do you need to do at this time?
7. Because M.Z. has been having diarrhea, what special instructions should you give the NAP assigned to give basic care to M.Z.?
Case Study Progress:
 The next day, you are the nurse assigned to M.Z.’s care. You notice that the NAP emptying the gravity drain is not wearing personal protection devices. You also observe that the drainage port of the drainage bag was contaminated during the process because the NAP allowed it to touch the floor.
8. What issues need to be considered in protecting M.Z.’s safety? Describe your actions in working with the nursing assistant.
9. As you assess M.Z., you notice that her catheter tubing is not secured. Why does the tubing need to be secured, and where is the correct place for the catheter tubing?
10. What changes, if any, will be made to the antibiotic therapy?