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University of Idaho Organization Development Every Coin Has Two Sides Case Study


TEXTBOOK: Anderson, D. L. (2020). Organization development : the process of leading organizational change (Fifth edition. ed.). Los Angeles: SAGE. Chapter 1, pp 18-23.

As an Organization Development practitioner, you may be presented with conflicting information. Making sense of these data to help an organization is an important skill for an OD practitioner. Read the Case Study 1 in Anderson, pp 18 – 23.


What are the sources of conflict on this team?

Which issues are personal or interpersonal versus systemic or organizational?

If you summarize the issues for Tom or Jared, how would you present the data back?

Do you think this team can reconcile this conflict, or has this team reached a point where it is beyond repair?

What do you think an organization development practitioner could do to help Jared and this team?