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CU The Ethical Opinion and Beliefs that You Feel Strongly About Discussion


I’m working on a sociology question and need guidance to help me understand better.

What is an ethical opinion / belief that you feel strongly about, but you know is not shared by some people of other cultures? 

This can be a belief that certain things are right or good, or that certain things are wrong or bad, that certain acts are acceptable or not, justifiable or not, etc..  (Be sure to differentiate between cultures and societies – a society like that of the U.S. contains many different cultures and subcultures.) Reflect on yourself: 

What are the reasons for your position? 

Try to explain as succinctly as possible the main reason(s) why you have the belief that this is right/wrong or good/bad, etc.

How do these judgments represent your own independent thought and reflection about values and priorities?  Explain.

Reflect on the other:

If you were to try to explain and defend some version of contrary beliefs of someone from another culture or perspective, how would you do that? (i.e., do your best to speak from their point of view about why they hold certain beliefs on this issue.)

If you had to identify an assumption, background conviction, or way of thinking that best explains why someone else would have a different view, what would that be? 

Engage with the text:

Considering what the textbook says about moral relativism, would you consider your belief claims to be merely relative, or do they have universal or absolute value to transcend the limits of cultural relativism?  In other words, does your view make a claim of value for all people, or does it just state the assumptions of your own cultural bubble?