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FILM 440 UCLA Types of Movies & Film Genres Discussion


Crip Camp (2020), Directed by Jim LeBrecht and Nicole Newnham [Produced by Higher Ground, Michelle, and President Barack Obama’s production company]
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8923484/ (Links to an external site.)
CRIP CAMP: A DISABILITY REVOLUTION | Official Trailer | Netflix | Documentary | Audio Description
https://youtu.be/s6TB7KEqhRo (Links to an external site.)
CRIP CAMP: A DISABILITY REVOLUTION | Full Feature | Netflix [Free on YouTube]

Down the road from Woodstock, a revolution blossomed at a ramshackle summer camp for teenagers with disabilities, transforming their lives and igniting a landmark movement.

Watch Crip Camp (2020) and answer the prompts below (Max 300 words), and respond to two of your classmates.

*Be sure to use and define at least three terms from this and previous chapters. It’s important to begin building your cinematic language vocabulary over the course of the semester.

1. General Questions:

1a. What is your favorite film type and/or genre, or subgenre, and why?

1b. Film genres tend to spring up organically, inspired by shifts in history, politics, or society. What cultural conditions and/or significance have you recognized in your favorite film genre?

2. Crip Camp (2020) Film-Specific Questions:

2a. Is the documentary expository, observational, poetic, participatory, performative, reflexive, or a hybrid of two or more of these modes?

2b. What elements of form and content lead you to this conclusion?

2c. What are some of the cinematic techniques and elements (talking-head interviews, voice-over narration, archival footage, montage, musical score, etc.) used by the filmmakers to tell the story in a way that attracts (and keeps) the viewers’ attention?

2d. Who made this film, and why is it important?

After you answer the question, can you sent me the work asap. Then I can submit it to see other people’s discussion for you to write the responses.