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Telangana University Disparities in Learning and Comprehension Discussion


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Here are the most common reasons ELLs struggle in school:

Health issues: If the child has vision or hearing problems, it can make it even harder for the child to understand what’s going on in school.

The normal ups and downs of learning a new language: Learning a new language is hard work. All students will struggle with certain concepts at times. If the child is in a supportive, well-run program, these issues can usually be solved with a little extra time and attention from the teachers.

Lack of support: More than half of ELLs in U.S. public schools are taught only in English. But research shows that kids who are taught in both English and their native language for a long period of time do much better in school. In fact, children who are bilingual have better organizational skills, memory and focus than kids who are fluent in only one language.

Learning and thinking differences: A number of issues can cause problems with language, reading and attention. They include dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and ADHD. Other learning and thinking differences cause issues with math, problems with movement and speaking and trouble with social skills.