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MHA 5006 Capella University Cost Benefit Analysis


  • Introduction
    In this assignment, you will continue on in your role as a new office manager for a successful medical clinic. The clinic is a conglomeration of physicians offering specialized care.One of the clinic’s physician groups wants to purchase an MRI machine. Currently, clients who need an MRI must schedule an appointment at another facility. This adds time and cost to any treatment they need. The machine will be available for all physicians in the clinic. It will require additional staff to operate the equipment. In addition, the MRI will have to be housed in an office area within the clinic.Your task is to prepare a cost-benefit analysis for the clinic’s senior leaders, so they can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the purchase.Instructions
    This cost-benefit analysis assignment consists of two parts.Part 1
    Complete the Cost-Benefit Analysis Template for the purchase of an MRI machine for the clinic.Part 2
    Based on your cost-benefit analysis, write a 3–4 page double-spaced summary. Address all of the following in your summary:

    • Explain how the cost-benefit analysis aligns with organizational needs and future growth.
      • In your explanation be sure to consider:
        • Non-monetary benefits, such as improved customer satisfaction, associated with the purchase.
        • Non-monetary costs associated with the equipment purchase. For example, productivity may decrease initially as people adjust to new policies and procedures associated with using the MRI equipment. At the same time, productivity is likely to increase once people adjust to the new policies and procedures.
        • Although these factors may be difficult to quantify, successful health care leaders are able to weigh nonmonetary and monetary considerations when making their purchasing and budgeting decisions.
    • Explain the concept of opportunity cost.
    • Recommend a plan of action consistent with your cost-benefit analysis.
      • Decide whether the clinic should purchase the MRI machine.
      • Be sure to reference specific aspects of the cost-benefit analysis.
    • Your final submission needs to include:
    • The completed Cost-Benefit Analysis Template (Excel spreadsheet).
    • A concise summary that provides (Word document):
      • Context for the cost-benefit analysis.
      • Rationale behind the recommendation.
    • Submission Requirements
      Part 1
      Format: Use the Cost-Benefit Analysis Template provided in the resources for this assignment.Part 2
    • Toggle Drawer[u06d1] Unit 6 Discussion 1
      Using Financial Ratios for Analysis
      Explain at least three financial ratios that are used to analyze the financial position of a health care organization. Which stakeholders would use these ratios, and why?Discussion Guidelines
      Discussion posts should address the question, be succinct, be substantive, provide new insight, and incorporate scholarly literature. Response Guidelines
      Provide substantive comments to your peers according to the Faculty Expectations Message discussion response guidelines, comparing their perspectives to yours. Ask questions to better understand their perspectives and expand the discussion.Resources
    • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
    • APA Style and Format.