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Part of learning about leadership is to examine how we have been led in the past. After reading Part 1: Investing in Your Strengths, follow the outline below to write a reflective paper.

  1. Introduction – What does the word “leadership” mean to you? What images or experiences does it conjure up?
  2. Reflect on personal experiences of being led – Describe a time when, as a direct result of something a leader said or did, you felt personally powerful and capable. What actions did the leader take that contributed to that? Describe a time when you felt powerless and weak as a result of something a leader said or did. What were the actions of the leader?
  3. Align actions with values – Describe how you have learned about others’ values/goals by the way they led others. What actions would you take as a leader to share your values?
  4. Conclusion – How will your experiences of being led affect you as a leader?